Thursday, January 12, 2012


Before I go ahead and write up a 'One Sheet, One Set' post for the new Pinnacle product, I thought I'd give one card a little extra time in the spotlight.

Great photo, great timing, great action. This card really emphasizes the horizontal standard that has been adapted by Pinnacle this year.

2011/12 Pinnacle
#134 James Reimer

My what a biiiiiiiiiggggggggg stretch you have there 'Optimus Reim'. But wait! Isn't that the puck already in the net (just below the Leafs logo)?

Not so fast. Before we throw this card to the spokes, let's look at what the back of the card says.

"Soccer goalkeepers everywhere were bug-eyed and giving Toronto backstop James Reimer a standing ovation after he made an extraordinary save against Washington's Marcus Johansson on April 5, 2011. Borrowing a move from the guys who defend the big nets on the pitch, Reimer dived in a last-ditch effort. The shot hit his blocker, and the save stood out as the masterpiece of his 39 stops, even though the visitors won 3-2, in a shootout."

And there it is. You can see the puck about to be batted away by his blocker. An exceptional photo. Crisp, full of action and taken at just the right moment. A split second earlier and the full impact of Reimer's effort would have been missed. A split second later and the puck would be gone.

The eye of the photographer needs to be very trained and the mind - patient but ready to pounce. It's a real treat to see more photos like this one making it on to hockey cards. And while I've been giving Pinnacle a hard time for their minimally inspired design, it gets very solid marks from me for its photo choices.

But that Pinnacle logo and 'Nike swoosh".....(broken record).


  1. I agree that it's a great shot. But am I wrong or did they Photoshop out Johanssons stick?

  2. No. It's right up there above Reimer's left shoulder. Although it looks like it could be closer to ice level by the way his body is tilted.

  3. Yep. I was wrong. It's another player's blade behind Reimer. I am half blind. Carry on.

  4. Hey. No worries. It actually makes me think about if there are some cards out there with severely photoshopped equipment pieces.

  5. Man, that netcam really does look like a puck in the net from that angle.

  6. Wow what a pic! I've played some net on the pitch as well and that is a pretty damn sick diving save!