Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WHO AM I? - Eye Of The Beholder

This one stumped more people than I thought. Cool.

But there was one of you (actually two) who figured it out.

While I'm sure Kevin knew who the sigs belonged to, he was cryptic in his response (probably thinking I would post the comment). I hold off on posting all the guesses for just that reason. Sadly, I can't fully count his picks.

That leaves Jess as the only one to figure out this penmanship puzzle.

Marian Hossa

Probably the easiest of the three. While his signature has 'evolved' over the years (or should I say 'devolved'), it remains probably the most unique autograph in the NHL....maybe of all time.

Yutaka Fukufuji

I got a lot of you with this one.

How many of you remember Yutaka tending goal for the Kings back in 2006? 4 whole games (actually not even whole games.....96 minutes) and 3 losses to his record.

But one of the coolest autographs to get. This Kanji version of his signature was a short print parallel in this Between The Pipes series. A great decision by In The Game.

Chris Mason

This signature was the inspiration for the post. Chris' auto is very blunt and purposeful. I like it. While it's not necessarily a 'scribe', it's definitely not a scribble. I'll call it a 'shishkebab' looks like one.

Thanks to all who guessed.

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