Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The only time I pick up Trevor Linden cards already in my collection are when

1. They are an upgrade
2. They are super cheap (and rare)
3. They are for someone else

This Linden card really doesn't fit into any of those categories specifically (although I guess you could consider it an 'upgrade').

2007/08 Upper Deck Artifacts
Tundra Tandems
#TT-ML Trevor Linden/Brendan Morrison /125

The reason I picked this card up off ebay during the Christmas break was pretty simple - the red jersey piece.

It's pretty rare to find a solid red jersey piece on a Linden card. In fact, I think in my entire collection, there's only one other instance of it.

And while it's nice to get away from the boring ol' white jersey pieces normally adorned in these cards, I don't really go out of my way that often to track down cards like the one above.

But when the price is right.....I'll snag it.

I'm not sure what to do with this card though. There are examples in my collection where I have multiple cards, each with a different colored jersey piece. Other examples have me caring less and going with just whatever is there.

Especially with multi-player cards.

But then I do a quick check of my card box and I can find a couple examples of it. Clearly I'm not focused with my own rules on the matter.

Maybe that's something I can figure out this year. Or maybe I just could care less and instead go after the cards I like.

I like the Linden card with the red jersey. It'll stay in the collection for now.

Do different color jersey pieces matter to you? Do you go after multiples because of it?


  1. When it comes to my Howard PC, I don't really care either way because with the Wings it's a 50/50 split of red & white anyway.

  2. Depending upon the player, it can matter a lot. I primarily collect Matt Kemp, Clayton Kershaw, and Russell Martin, so I'm used to the standard white and gray swatches. But if I come across blue or, even rarer, red, I jump on it and go all out to win the card.

    Aside from the red, I love that the Linden has a nice row of stitching. Nice pickup!

    1. Good eye. The stitching was a nice bonus. Something I didn't see in the original auction.

  3. Colour matters to SOME degree. Certain players I do make an attempt at tracking down all colours in their uniform but I certainly don't obsess over it. Usually I am pretty content to land a swatch from a player I like and move on.