Thursday, January 19, 2012

1 vs. 100 - Big Trade

This slow and steady project got a big boost at the monthly trade night on Wednesday.

Whenever I look through other people's trade boxes, I keep an eye out for cards that would fit into this project. In fact, the majority of cards in this collection came via trade or pickup locally as opposed to buying on ebay. It has saved me a lot of dough....and it's been more fun to build quite frankly.

When I came across this card, I really put a big effort in trying to trade for it. It's one of the tough ones I have remaining on the list.

2011/12 Upper Deck Artifacts
Auto Emerald Jersey/Patch
#44 Jay Bouwmeester /8

Wow. That set name is a mouthful. But it's not about the set name, the product, the player, the auto, the patch.....nothing except the serial number. 5/8.

These auto/jersey/patch cards are all numbered /8. Why? I have no clue. Why not /10 or /5....something more 'rounded'?

At the end of the day, this confusing parallel only benefits me as I needed it for the pc.

With it being Jay-Bo (even though he's in a Flames uniform, and I live in Calgary) the desirability factor is very small. A bonus for me.

After asking if we could trade, the owner of the card took a look through my stuff. He came across a couple cards and we quickly worked something out.

One of the cards (and my niece might be a little sad) is the infamous '$1 Taylor Hall RC'. This is a perfect example of how a book value really doesn't impact a trade for me. I saw that Hall as a $1 out-of-pocket purchase as opposed to whatever it books for - and I still don't know.

It was a no-brainer for me and I am thrilled to scratch this number off the list. It leaves me with just a pair of cards numbered to less than 10 remaining on the wantlist.

Slowly but surely.

80 out of 100 (80%)