Wednesday, February 8, 2012


It was a nice little mailday for me yesterday after what was a fairly dry month of January (which suited my wallet just fine).

First, I received a nice box of shiny mid-90's insert cards for my 'One Sheet, One Set' project. They were being sold for a quarter a piece. No question that if I found that sort of quarter binder at a show here in town, I'd have gobbled them all up.

As it was, I limited myself to just a certain amount so as to not go overboard.

Sadly, there were about a dozen cards missing from the list I gave the person. Hopefully he will rectify the mistake. Stay tuned though for some outstanding 'One Sheet, One Set' posts. There are some beauties.

Also in the mailbox was a single Linden card for my main pc. Again, not without some drama, this card was given the bare minimum for protection when shipped (something I just don't get). It's as if the sender is just asking for something to go wrong with the envelope and the card to be damaged. Some minor reinforcement would have alleviated all the headaches.

Good news....the card was unscathed.

2011/12 Panini Limited
Game Pucks #9 /20

This season's puck card (and parallel) are a nice step up from last year's debut. This hard signed card /20 is the 'common' version with a parallel /5 on the checklist as well (which is incoming).

I like the bigger die cut area for the puck, the action shot is really nice and of course the autograph straight on the card (where last year it was a sticker).

Most importantly, it's the first dent in the Limited checklist for this season. I've passed on a number of opportunities to pick up some base parallels (partially because I thought they were too expensive....but on occasion I was just too lazy to bid).

Slowly, I'll knock those cards off the list.

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  1. Nice pickup! Love the game used puck cards, definitely glad to see them making a comeback lately.