Thursday, February 9, 2012

TO THE BIKE SPOKES!!! - Roman Hamrlik

Sometimes hockey cards give you a glimpse of your favorite players off the ice. Case in point...

Paul Kariya

Doug Gilmour

Ouch. Most times.....that's not a good idea.

Here's another one that creates the argument "Should I stop collecting?"

1996/97 Upper Deck Be A Player
#133 Roman Hamrlik

Roman Hamrlik.....or should I say Rico Suave. What is this card all about?

Do I really need to know that he towel dries his hair? Do I need to know that he likes to pout his lips? Or maybe he just bit his tongue. And do I need to know that he likes to stare blankly into camera lenses?

If I were a mind reader, I'd say he's thinking "Concentrate....... concentrate..... look at my nice white towel."

How this became a hockey card is beyond me. It makes me appreciate the other cards in the set where the jersey logos have been completely airbrushed off. They actually look nice now.

Oh, by the way, Rico prefers heavy metal music....particularly Metallica. I'm sure they're happy to hear that.

Rico, for your absolute non-hockey pic, this is an easy trip....



(actually, this might just bypass the binder and go straight in the trash. It's one creepy looking picture)

The real Rico Suave. Separated at birth?


  1. Roman is peering into your SOUL.......

  2. I feel like Doug Gilmour should have been cast as Rocky