Sunday, March 4, 2012

Custom Creations - Common Numbers

I've had the idea for this card for over a year now, but have put it on the backburner time and time again.

I finally sat down in front of the computer today, bound and determined to build it. After all, the Bruins are coming to town in a little over a week.

This dual autograph card is one I'm building for someone that I'm a huge fan of. If the name doesn't ring a bell, drop on by The Hockey Life and you'll get a great dose of hockey, hobby and how the pursuit of both are seen through the eyes of a father and son.

During last year's Stanley Cup Finals, Colin and I had a nice, friendly wager. If his Bruins beat my Canucks, I would build him a custom Patrice Bergeron card (Patrice being his #1 player for years). If my Canucks won, I would get a homemade team sheet signed by the Vancouver Canucks.

Well, as everyone knows, my Canucks couldn't seal the deal. I built the card in hopes of having Patrice sign it when he came to Tampa Bay during Boston's last visit.

Sadly, the opportunity didn't come about, but for good reason. Colin got to skate out on the ice during the Lightning's warmups for the game against the Bruins. A pretty cool gig if you ask me.

Well, the Bruins are returning one more time before the end of the season. March 13 to be exact.

So my goal is to get the card assembled and off to him so he receives it in time to get it signed (along with the Stanley Cup custom as well). And yes, to those of you who know card designs, I did take some inspiration (OK, maybe a lot) from an existing set out there, but I really liked it and I tweaked it a bit too.

I always liked the photo of Colin I used in the card. I thought it would make a great pic for a dual card.

I'm excited to hear what Colin thinks and (hopefully) Patrice as well on the 13th. I'll be sure to include a few copies so both Patrice and Colin get one (and maybe a couple extra just in case......after all, there are two autos to go on it).


  1. Awesome. My only wish is that Colin liked Columbus or something..... or maybe that Bergeron gets traded. That would be okay too.

  2. Wow. I've been way too busy over the past few days (weeks, more like it. Colin received the package today. Thank you so much for doing those. He loves them. Mama loves them. I love them. I took one into work to show off. Thanks, Brett.

    1. Phew! I am do happy they made it to you before the Boston game this week. I'm thrilled you all like them. I'm really happy with the way it turned out.

      Fingers crossed you guys get to visit with Patrice. Looking forward to hearing how it goes.

      It was my pleasure to do this for you.