Sunday, March 11, 2012


Well, I learned my lesson from last month's local card show trip.

Don't buy low-end Linden cards the day before a card show.

In February, I bought a Panini Limited Linden card on the Friday before the card show. It was a parallel /49. Not a super rare card, but I thought it was listed for a decent amount as I had let a few pass by me waiting for the right price. I pulled the trigger and was happy about the pickup.

Until the next day when I saw the exact same about a third of the price. I immediately had buyer's remorse from the day before.

I picked it up anyways since I could use it as tradebait.

Fast forward to this month. A couple new products have been released and there are a few new Linden base cards and low-end inserts available for the picking.

I resisted the urge to pick them up on ebay and the waiting paid off.

2011/12 Panini Crown Royale #7 Ice Kings

While it might seem weird that saving a couple bucks bring me great joy, I'm just happy that a small victory was won on my part.

Buying a card for my Linden collection locally is a bit of a rarity. Anytime that I can purchase from someone in person, it's a definite plus.....and a definite preference.

That is, if the card is of a reasonable price. And this one was.

The design itself is really nice. The white photo is set inside a die-cut matte frame (kind of like how the brown border UD Masterpieces cards worked). A really nice cut job, the dark frame with silver design really creates a great contrast. And the autographed parallel of the card looks great. I'm looking forward to adding one of those for a good price too.

The only beef I have with this Ice Kings card is that the photo used is very similar to pics used in the past by Panini.

2010/11 Certified

2010/11 Limited

In fact, I'd bet that the photo was taken in the same sequence of shots. Everything in the pics look too similar to be a coincidence. The facial hair, the camera angle, the gloves, helmet, undershirt. It's just too similar.

Changing up the photo selection would be nice.

Regardless, I'm glad to have picked this card up......and just one copy at that.

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