Sunday, April 1, 2012

LINDEN CARD OF THE WEEK: I Feel Like I've Won The Lottery


I was awoken by the phone early Sunday morning (and I mean early!!!) and a good friend of mine who lives out in New York was on the other end.....dude - you gotta remember a thing called time zones.

Anyways, even in my 'eyes half open' state, I could tell he was pretty pumped up about something. 

He starts blabbering on about the Mega Millions lottery that was held on Friday (you know the $500 million or something) and right away I could smell something fishy.  But I let him continue.

He starts talking about how he had won one of the 'smaller' prizes....yeah, right.  I called BS on him right away.

He said he was fully on the level.  He had won $275,000.

I'll admit, from the sound of his voice (and the length of his story) I was starting to wonder if it was actually real.

Well it was.  How do I know?

While he was on the phone, he sent my a paypal payment of $10,000!

And he thanked me for being the person I've been to him all these years.

Stunned!  I was absolutely stunned.  I couldn't even move.

Still thinking something was up, I called his sister (who lives in town here) and she confirmed the story.  I e-mailed my buddy (thanked him profusely) and said that if it was a joke, it was a pretty good one.  But if it was a joke, then the joke would be on him.....because I immediately began spending some cash.

I ordered a box of ITG's newest product 'Captain C'.  I'll be picking it up this afternoon.  Having never done a case break, I'm pumped to see what it feels like.  I'm thinking of even holding my first ever contest on MHCO to thank all of you readers.  Stay tuned.

I also splurged on one other item.  An item that helped define my collecting when I saw it last September.

Some of you might remember last year when Panini released it's high-end product Dominion that there was a card they used to promote it.  A card that I was stunned to see.

Remember this?

Well, I do.....big time.  And I was crushed to see that it had sold for over $1,100.  There was no way I was going to have this card in my collection (unless I pulled the card myself).

I saw a second copy go, then a third......then a fourth.  All of them till in the high $800-900 area.

One copy left.  And about a couple weeks ago, I found out who pulled it.

This morning I e-mailed the seller and worked out a deal.
This bad-boy is now property of - ME!

It's incredible that this card (one that I really had my doubts I would be able to land) will soon be added.  Thinking about it as I type this makes me realize that if I want to continue on picking up cards like these (and I'm sure companies will keep making them) that I'll have to really focus on wanting them....or pretending that they just don't exist.  That's what I had done with this card until the most unlikely of situations occurred.

It'll be in the mail Monday and I should be showing it off sometime next week. I'm going on record right now and calling this one the 'Linden Card of the Year'.  I don't think anything will top this.

Now to go back to bed.  I feel like I've had a full and busy day already.
And if you lasted this long.......APRIL FOOL'S DAY!!!!!!!!


  1. nice. I was about to say, dude, if you're busting a case and you didn't call me, I'd be choked.

    oh, and I love the masks...

  2. Damnit! You got me, I was legit just telling my parents half way through the story about how you won 10k and then I read the rest...

    Well played sir...well played

  3. Didn't believe it for a second! I'm on April Fool's guard all day today!

  4. Good luck on your Captain Box!

    I will hold any Lindens I find later this week when I bust mine!

  5. Haha dude you had me right till the end! Nice.

  6. Haha, I tried the same thing last year with a quad auto like this. Works every time... ;)