Thursday, May 10, 2012

MY COLLECTION - The Card Show Pickups

Gonna try and fire through a quick show and tell from last weekend's card show pickups.  It was a nice little haul.......especially from a cash standpoint.

The first two cards comes from one of my favorite products of all-time.  Between The Pipes is back and this year's mask cards definitely do not disappoint.

These two were freebies from one of the dealers who simply asked for me to fire off something in return next time I pop in.  Sweet.

By the way.....the die-cut versions are the regular base card versions.  The silver and gold parallels are not die-cut.  Finally, something for the little guy.

Two bucks.  No brainer.  I have a few other Winning Combos and this will help finish that 'One Sheet, One Set' page.

So will this......which was a freebie in the package that the Linden Dominion Sapphire /5 came in.

Rarely (if ever) do I receive freebies from an ebay sale (especially when the finishing price is in my favor heavily.  But I'll take it!  How the guy knew is beyond me.

Some great Canada vs. The World cards were in the dollar box.  I scooped all of them that I could find.

Which consisted of these four as well.  No brainer x2...........x4!

Jersey card.  A buck.  It's for the 'One Sheet, One Set' project.

Another jersey card.  A buck.  It's out of 35 and has a huge jersey piece.  Why not.

Buck, buck, buck and.......buck.  I like these pickups.

You're seeing things correctly.  That's a dual jersey card from Dominion in there.  It's /99.  That's ridiculous.

The Roloson is not only a cool closeup of the mask, but it's the rainbow parallel /100.

I'll give you a guess how much these cards were.

You guys are quick.

All in all, these pickups cost me a total of $17.  There's a box worth of hits in there easily (maybe not the 'big hit' but still).

I'll do that every day of the week.


  1. ok, hold it one darn minute. Who had the die cuts? I asked every single person there and only one person had any and it wasn't those two..... somebody lied to me.

    1. The box was opened right in front of me and the cards were never placed in the display.

      You weren't being lied to. I looked for them myself and was shut out.

  2. Ever want to unload the Schenn... Let me know! Send me an email!

  3. Best bang for your buck there! Great finds, I don't know if you ever want to move that Voracek, but I would be willing to Quintuple your money for it!

    1. Hey Dave,

      I'm going to put it aside and include it in the package I will eventually send back with the customs. The delay in finishing that project is bugging me. I'd like to send the card out to you as part of a 'sorry for the delay' message.

  4. Wow some really nice cards for a buck. Wish I could find a fruitful dollar box at the flea market I visit on occasion.

  5. Nice pickups! I went down Sunday afternoon with Dex. He got some sweet Atomic cards from 2001-02 given to him!

    53 cards in total! They are perfect cards for a 4 year old. Nice and rigid/plastic...they will be tough to destroy! He was a happy guy. Nice gesture from the man selling them.

    At the same table, I also finally picked up some Topps 2002-03 Heritage cards that I've been checking out for a long time now. Love the old-fashioned look of these cards.

    Couldn't resist the $5 price for cards 1-130! Jebus! $5! That guy will see us again in June!

    (props to for having a kajillion scans of cards)

    1. I think I know which table you were at. He's a great guy to deal with and he's all for going above and beyond for the kids.

      Nice pickups. I still need to get back to you about your products question.