Thursday, May 10, 2012

MY COLLECTION - Chris Pronger Is Stalking Me

Have you ever pulled a card of a player and thought "Blech.....I can't believe I got him again."?  Does a certain player always seem to pop up in your packs and make you cringe?  Are you sick and tired of getting the same guy over and over again?

Years back, it was Chris Chelios.  And if I see another one of those Black Diamond single jersey cards of his.....I'll crack.

This year the honor definitely goes to Chris Pronger.


I recently pulled this (barely) two-color jersey card out of ITG's 'Captain C' product.  At the time it was just another Pronger card....just another jersey card, but after sifting through my traders I noticed a very disturbing trend.

This Pronger Prime patch card from this year's Panini 'Limited' product was one of the hits in my single box break.  Numbered to just 25 and showcasing a pretty thick seam, this card would be a pretty solid pull....if it weren't for the fact that it was - Pronger.

This takes us to Exhibit C.

Another low numbered pull.......another Pronger.

This three-colored patch/auto card is numbered to just 5.  And for a Pronger fan this would be a real gem.

Anyone?........Bueller?  Bueller?

Thought so.  By the way, thanks Chris for cropping your own signature.  I appreciate your help in making your cards even less desirable to me.

In all honesty, I'm showing off these cards because I had an inquiry on them.  Fingers crossed I just enticed him enough.

So do you have any hobby stalkers?  I'm assuming if the answer is yes and the players are Gretzky or Crosby you're not too disappointed in it.  I want to hear the horror stories though.  Hit me with your worst.

And just because it's one of my fave movies from the 80's....


  1. WOW, talk about a coincidence. After reading this blog I opened my last 2 packs of UD Game Used and Pulled a Tyler Ennis Game used Jersey Card and in the other pack a By the Letters Tyler "E"nnis card(1/5). (Letter I got was the E). I don't know much about him though compared to Pronger who is actually a good star player.

    1. I also have a normal jersey card from the SAME Set. So total pulled 3 Jersey cards of Ennis from the Same box.

  2. James Van Riemsdyk which used to be he is turning into an Ales Hemsky type hit....

  3. On the bright side you could be pulling worse than Pronger; personally I find there's nothing wrong with Chris Pronger, great blueliner with a solid career. And those are some nice cards; for a long time, Sergei Samsonov felt like the only player I was pulling one color pieces of jersey from.

  4. The only one that really jumps out is Denis Savard. In 1984-85 in particular, I think I had about a dozen extra traders on top of the sets I put together. He was everywhere.

    On the flip side, Stan Mikita is the bane of my existence. He's always either the last card I need or something I really need to upgrade and can't find.