Tuesday, May 1, 2012

OPINION - Stealing Scans & Flat Out THEFT!

LIVID!!!  SEETHING!!!  I am choked and I will not - I REPEAT - NOT let this go lightly.

I apologize in advance if my post today seems a little terse.  I received some information today that has left me very.....very bitter.

Earlier today, I was conversing with a fellow hobbyists via e-mail and the other person simply asked about a person on a hobby card board.  He was asking me if I knew of this person, if I had dealt with this person and if this person was on the up and up.

The reason for the questions.....

This post.  Made by someone named 'sidthekid87', it shows off a rather nice Kris Versteeg patch/tag card /2.  He states that he "has this for you" meaning he is "selling" it.  He's even got a price listed next to the card.

Seems harmless enough right?  Well, the person I was e-mailing with remembered that I had a copy of that card (good memory).

Here's my blog post from January.  It shows off the exact same card.  I picked it up in a trade (swapping the /2 in my 1 vs. 100 project for the Versteeg).  Here's the whole blog post.

Well, I can assure you that the card is still in my possession and is not going anywhere soon.

Sadly, someone might end up being the victim of this guy's scam.  Selling cards that he clearly does not own and does not have.

And just so there is no doubt in anyone's mind.....here this.

Take a close look 'sidthekid87'.  See the date on the screen.  Take a look at the date of your post.

End of discussion.


'sidthekid87'........where do you get off pulling crap like that!!!

note: I'm going to be good about following my own "no swearing" rule on this blog.  But rest assured.....I'm letting the colorful metaphors fly right now.

You have the nerve to steal one of MY SCANS and claim it as your own?

How dare you!!!!   HOW......DARE.......YOU!!!!!!!!

'sidthekid87'.......you know where you can go and you know what you can do when you get there.

And make no mistake.....I am coming after you!  I will make sure that you are not only exposed as a fraud and a thief on Blowout Cards, I will make sure that your name is smeared throughout all the hobby boards I know.  I refuse to sit back and let you try and rip people off.  Rip off decent people who are looking to get enjoyment out of this hobby.

'sidthekid87'.......your name is dirt!  And I will make sure that you are swept up and thrown out.



You have taken a hobby that I love and enjoy.  Taken a hobby where I have met dozens of great people.  Taken a community that I cherish and have made it a lot less fun today.

And I am NOT ok with that!

Enjoy what little time you have left on the hobby boards.

Screw you 'sidthekid87'.........screw you!


  1. this isn't stealing scans... it's fraud. Theft even.
    If it was a base card paralle /299 and he ganked your scan out of laziness... that's a topic for discussion.
    This guy is out and out attempting to steal $70 from someone.

    1. Absolutely it is.

      And I've been spending the good part of tonight messaging various hobby boards to make them aware of this punk.

      It seems like he's been at this for a while (and has been banned from numerous sites already).

      Would love to see him get the boot from all of them.

  2. When I saw the title I thought the same as captain...probably just laziness...but a low numbered card that has a unique patch is just part of his grand scam...out of all cards to steal, he stole from the wrong guy...good luck on catching the crook!

    1. Zero laziness - ZERO.

      He's calculated and clearly knows what he's doing.

      Why do I know? He's been banned from numerous hobby sites - numerous times in some instances - for pulling this kind of BS.

      Sorry, the swear filter is draining.

      I've just been approved for a membership on Blowout Cards and needless to say - I've bombarded the site exposing this tool.

  3. Good for you. I'm glad you didn't just sit back and take it. People on those forums obviously are aware of his fraud, but every nail in the coffin helps.

    1. If they didn't know before....they'll know now.

      The person that tipped me off to it could very easily have been a victim of his scam. I'm glad he has such a good memory and recognized the Versteeg.

  4. Hey guys. Here's an update.....

    The guy logged on to Blowout Cards this morning, saw that every single one of his posts was calling him out, noticed I had created a couple threads calling him a thief and so what does he do?


    If that's not a clear indication of guilt I don't know what is.

    I'm not done with him until I see him banned from the site.

    BTW....... I received a couple comments tonight that cross the swear filter line for me. I ask that you repost your comment but remove the swears please. Putting a * to replace a letter isn't good enough for me. Sorry but I want to keep this blog as clean as possible.

    Thank you.

  5. He has a bad name on blowout already for faking he was a police officer a few months back. This will defiantly be his last straw

    1. Oops im wrong a different sidthekid I apologize. Hope this scumbag pays

    2. My understanding is that there are more than one usernames that are very similar to 'sidthekid87'.

      I don't know who is legit and who is not or what the story is. But I do know this.....

      sidthekid87 is the guy I have the issue with and he's the one I'm looking to see get banned.

  6. Well, it didn't take long......but the piece of dirt has been banned from Blowout Cards.

    He had deals in the works and apparently some members had already sent him money.

    I hope they all get refunded.

    I'm just glad I was made aware of this and that more people were not affected.

  7. Funny his name is 'sidthekid87' because the kid who took content from "Sal's Autograph Hockey Blog" was "ovechkin8" a totally different person but just plain scammers/stealers of content with usernames of the biggest players in the league. It's like they really can't come up with great usernames and pick the first player that comes to mind.

  8. Good on you for being proactive about making sure no one loses money to someone trying to scam them. Being the victim of a scam artist is a miserable feeling!

  9. If it wasn't for a certain individual noting this situation out to me....I'd likely never know about it.

    He's the one that will get the credit in my book.

    I'm not going to reveal who it was as I don't want the scammer to get any ideas or anything. But rest assured, he will be recognized for his efforts.

    Thanks again!

  10. This is absolutely pathetic, I can't stand when people make an intentional effort to ruin this hobby for other people. I hope this idiot is exposed so no one else has to deal with this garbage.

    Good on you for calling out this punk!