Thursday, June 7, 2012

ARTICLES: Panini Just Made Me Drool

Just a quick post as I get home from a long day of work (the first of a few).

Came across a cool post from Panini's blog site that made me grin, drool and ask "Why isn't there more 'stuff like this' about the card making industry?"

Now I have to determine which would be the 'ultimate swatch' to hit and which one would be the 'dud of the bunch' (early favorite would be lower right-hand corner piece from the Devils jersey).

It would be a bit of a downer (purely from a comparative standpoint) to land that slice.

Which jersey piece is your fave?  Which one would get immediately returned to Panini with a scathing note screaming of utter disappointment?


  1. And this is why fellow collectors need to run these things..
    The new hockey manager of Panini is one of the better known members on CnC (and I'm guessing other boards) and his influence is noticeable already.

  2. I love the pic as a whole of course :)

    But you are right, that is likely the worst piece possible. I would go with second row from the bottom and second from the left as the best.

  3. I'm not a fan of jersey cards, but I loved those puzzles you used to get in Donruss baseball cards in the 1980s.

    I would love the idea of a "logo puzzle"--maybe use a piece of a logo on those "decoy cards" they put in packs. So, instead of getting a blank white thick piece of cardboard, you get a part of a puzzle. That would be awesome.

  4. Either one of the horn points would be my favorite. I also like the look of this one: second row from the bottom, third from the left. The second one from the left is pretty cool, too.

    As for the worst, I think we're all on board with that bottom-right piece.

    Now, one question for you: Does the "Wow!" factor fall if it's an "event-worn" patch, rather than a "game-used" patch?

    And what do they mean "event-worn" patch? A team function? Hockey card photo shoot? Training/rookie camp media day?

    Sorry, I guess that was more than one question, huh?

  5. I think you are bang on when it comes to your guesses as to what "event-worn" means. And yes, it would play a role for me. If it was just a low-end jersey card, maybe not so much. But if it were on a high-end item, I would be very mindful of how much I'd dish out for it.