Tuesday, June 5, 2012

LINDEN CARD OF THE WEEK: Franchise Captains Expo 1/1

It's the calm before the storm.....actually, right now it's a massive downpour in the city (she be rainin' real good).  The storm in my eyes is at work.  We start our five weeks of Summer events here and that means a lot of long hours (and some weekend time too).

When it's nice out, it's actually quite enjoyable.  Talking with people I haven't seen for a while, being out in the sun and enjoying the atmosphere and the overall vibe of the workplace.  But when it's raining.....hard, it can become a bit of a chore.  Long days and just a little bit slower, well....everything.

Here's hoping for some sun to break out tomorrow (if just for a little while).  As a result, here's my last post for a few days (unless I get mega-inspired) and a great mailday to show off.

For those of you who have followed my Trevor Linden collecting adventures, you will know that I am a completist.  To me, if there is a Linden card out there, I want it (or I'm at least putting it on my master list).

That includes 'show cards' or 'expo cards'.  And the current batch of offerings from card companies makes my desire for aspect of product even more great.

While it might seem like the companies just take an existing Linden card, slap a foil stamp on it and call it rare (which in all actuality........they are), what I see from some of these offerings is an opportunity to get some stunning cards often at a lower price than their pack inserted counterparts.

Case in point, this triple jersey card from the Captain C release.  The Toronto Spring Expo is where redemption cards from this product were made available and I've got a bead on a couple of them.

2011/12 In The Game
Captain C - Toronto Spring Expo
#FC-23 Franchise Captains Gold (w/ Luongo & H. Sedin) 1/1

First of all, I love that the Linden piece is two-colored (and from the 'glory days' skate logo jersey.  Any time I see red or yellow in a Linden jersey piece, I get just a little more excited.

The Luongo piece is a real nice two-colored swatch with a nice bulging seam.  Can't go wrong there.  The Sedin could be a little better, but I guess it could be a little worse too (at least it's not plain white).

Now normally, this gold version card is numbered to just 10 copies (and I still need one by the way).  The going price has been around or above $60.  But I managed to pick up this card (which is a 1/1) for just over $40.

I think that's a great find if I do say so myself.  The lower price obviously is the fact that fewer collectors go after these show/expo cards.  Some don't even acknowledge their existence.  To me, I'm the opposite.  I not only want to track them and catalog them, but I want to obtain them.

And I'm happy I did in this instance.

What's your take on show cards or expo redemption cards?  Do you go after them when you see them?  What's the price range you look for when going after them?


  1. I like 'em. To me they're great cards at usually better prices. I don't limit myself to a specific brand or set, I just like getting the players I like on great cards.

    oh yeah, shoot me your wantlist for ITG:BTP and if I have them, I'll bring them with me tomorrow night at Eastridge, if you're making an appearance.

  2. Being a Wendel Clark Collector, show cards are even more expensive than the packed out versions. Especially the ITG Ultimate ones. I recently saw someone shell out 200 for a 1/1 base card of Wendel Clark. I had to pass, but I will chase em, and pick em up if they are cheaper. I go for the packout cards first.

  3. Glad to see a 1/1 card in the hands of a true collector.