Monday, September 10, 2012

RAISE THE CUP - Yzerman Elite Series

Yesterday was the final day of our season where I work. Now it's the 3 1/2 month sprint to the Christmas break. It will go fast I have no doubt. But changing gears and focusing on other things at work is something I enjoy about my work (it happens about every 4 months or so).

Hopefully, this shift in work means that I can spend a little more time organizing, collecting and blogging about hockey cards. The show season starts this weekend and I'm really looking forward to it.

I've heard rumblings that my guy is in Upper Deck's high-end product 'The Cup' this year.....which could mean some nastiness for my wallet.  So far I've only seen a base card, but where there's smoke....there's usually fire.

On to today's post.  This was a card I traded for during last month's traders night.  It represents one of the nicer cards from this project I've seen.

2011/12 Panini Elite
Elite Series
#5 Steve Yzerman

Now that's how you properly crop a Cup raising photo.  The whole Cup is in full view and nothing is cropped out.  Except the background.....which I kind of wish would have been there.  Part of the moment that is captured in these shots is the excitement in the player and part of it is the atmosphere around him.  That's lost in this card.

But with this being the fourth or fifth Yzerman to be included in this project, I can get that vibe from his other helpings.

This is a sharp looking card with lots of foil and gold and silver and reflectiveness.  The scan does not do it justice.

The back of the card indicates that this moment was from Steve's first Cup win in during the 96/97 season.  One for the ages.

Current Collection - 90 cards

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