Thursday, September 6, 2012

LINDEN CARD OF THE WEEK - 10/11 Contenders Draft Tandems Dual Auto

There have been a few "firsts" lately when it comes to my Trevor Linden collection.

Not too long ago, the "first" Montreal Canadiens jersey piece was used on a Linden card (and I know it won't be the last).  This past spring showcased the "first" Captain C patch pieces (front-runner for card(s) of the year).  And this new addition also has a "first"...

2010/11 Panini Playoff Contenders
Draft Tandems
#8 (with Mike Modano) dual auto

While Trev has been paired up on a card with Mike Modano before, this card is the first to include a Modano autograph.

I love the fact that Modano and Linden went 1-2 in the 1988 draft.  It sounds so much more impressive than if it were Daniel Dore (who went 5th overall to Quebec......and proceeded to play in only 17 games, racking up a whopping 5 career points).

Now this isn't the first time that Linden has been paired up with a non-Canuck.  For those of you who are loyal readers, you'll remember this "first".

The only time his signature has been on the same card as those legends. Nice.

"Firsts" are fun.

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  1. Great card, I love that they used much younger photos and I love the 1-2 paring here for sure!

    These two are a much better combo than S. Turgeon and B. Lawton