Tuesday, September 4, 2012

TO THE BIKE SPOKES!! - Bruce Driver

There are very few occasions where a hockey card can be both a desirable find and ready for the dumps.  I think I may have found one of those cards.

Photography is all about capturing a split second moment in time.  Photos do something that video can't touch - it makes you stop and smell the roses.

Or in this instance - stop and curse your stick manufacturer.

1994/95 Topps Stadium Club
#35 Bruce Driver

At a time where Easton Aluminum sticks were all the rage, this card featuring Bruce Driver and his broken blade is giving me nightmares about how many dud blades I've crossed paths with.

While I like the look of shock and disappointment in the eyes of Driver and the "nearly pulled tooth" effect of that blade dangling on the stick, I can't help but notice that massive Easton Aluminum logo along the shaft and ultimately terrible photo selection for a hockey card (yes....hockey cards should highlight the positives and benefits the player brings to his team - not broken sticks).

Once again I am left to ponder if this was the premium option for the guys in the edit room.  Surely there's a shot of Bruce where he's chasing down an opponent or ripping a snap shot top corner.....or even just coasting around the ice.

A cool photo.....but a bad hockey card.  For that reason Bruce Driver,




  1. Hahahahaha! That pic is hilarious!

  2. Great pic, love the look on his face. There's a Linden like this that I did as one of "my picks" a while back over on Card Boarded. Cool stuff.

  3. I actually think this is more worthy of a top holder than the bike spokes! Haha nice card!