Sunday, October 21, 2012


I saw an auto today at the card show that made me do not just a double take...but a triple.

It's rare that a signature from one of today's young stars gets any sort of positive look.  Most are just careless pen strokes with little or no effort.  Rushed and sloppy.  I'll leave it at that.

Here's a fantastic example of one such card...
Zack Kassian

Yes, I can make out the Z and K and I bet he wears the number 9.  But boy oh boy is that ever an example of minimalism.

Teach 'em young right?

Nick Foligno

Now that's how it's done.  A full signature with both style and focus.

I just hope his autograph deteriorates with time (much as it is the norm with stars today).

In fact, I really liked Nick's signature, I decided to check out his younger brother's cards.

Wow.  Not too bad at all.  A little sloppier, but you can definitely make out the name.  It's better than 90% of the gunk out there today.

They must really take after their dad - right?

I'd say so.

You can definitely see where Nick and Marcus get their inspiration from.

All three Folignos get thumbs up for their penmanship.

Zack...take notice!

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  1. I always love Scribble and Scribes...the Mike Foligno signature is my favourite of the three, but Zach Kassians is ugly eh? I've noticed it before...oh well at least it's not autopened or stamped right?