Sunday, November 18, 2012

1 vs. 100 - 12 x 5

An odd sighting at the card show Saturday.  I found another elusive number for my '1 vs. 100' project.  And then I found it again.... and again.... and again.... and again.

By the end of it I don't know if I got the best deal possible, but I do know that I'm knocking another one off the list.

2012/13 Upper Deck Artifacts
Frozen Artifacts Patch/Stick
#FA_DR Derek Roy  /12

I came across this card about half way through my day at the show.  As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted it.  The price tag on it was a little higher than I wanted to spend.  The dealer could tell I was eyeballing it and soon knocked the price down to something I couldn't say no to.  It was still a shade high, but he's a guy who really keeps his eye out for me with Linden cards.  I don't mind plunking down a few extra bucks.

Thrilled, I walked along to the next table and WHAM....another card /12.  This time a Shane Doan from Artifacts.  And it was priced just lower than what I dropped on the Derek Roy.  I couldn't believe it.  For a couple years I haven't seen anything at the shows /12 and now two in a matter of minutes.

What are the odds.

I was so stunned that I decided to tell another dealer when he asked me what I had picked up.  He chuckled and proceeded to show me another /12.  Wow!  Thankfully it was a Tyler Seguin card and was priced well above what I had spent.

He continued digging and found two more in his boxes.  Shaking my head, I knew it was time to go.

But not before I made him sift through all of his stuff looking for the remaining cards on my list.  No luck there.

Just /12's.

89 out of 100  (89%)

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