Tuesday, January 29, 2013


On the same day that my struggle ended with one of the most frustrating transactions ever - EVER, I received a bubble mailer with a card that I wasn't sure I'd ever see come my way.

Not because it's a 1/1.....but because it's from a product that was rarely cracked.

A couple of years ago Panini released its Zenith product.  While it didn't get broken heavily, it did create some buzz to us player collectors for its super-tough "White Hot" parallel.

Numbered to just 25 copies, these cards were case hits I believe.  And when not too many cases are being sold, it makes for a tough find.

In fact, in the two seasons since the product came out, I've seen just one copy of this card.  And I unfortunately jacked up the price on another Linden collector (we had a malfunction in the ol' communication department).  I thought I'd be able to snag another one pretty quick - after all, the card is out of 25 (believe it or not....that's a big number these days).

Nope.  Nuthin'.  Dry as a desert.  Until earlier this month.  A copy popped up on ebay and I was stunned.  I put in a huge snipe and held my breath as the auction ended.  Not because I was hoping I would win the card, but because I didn't want to pay the top end price I bid.

Thankfully, I didn't.  In fact, I think I got it for a great price.

2010/11 Panini Zenith
#138 White Hot  /25

Note: These cards scan like crap.  They look a heck of a lot nicer in person.

This card was up there with the infamous MVP ProSign that I'll never find or the Topps Red parallel I'm destined never to obtain.  But it's one of the nicest "cross offs" I've had in a very long time.

What I really like about these cards is that Trev's donning the Montreal jersey.  He's got tons of Canucks love (obviously) but his insertion recent products as a Hab only has me wanting more.  Put him in the Fisherman jersey.  Put him in that ugly Washington 3rd jersey.

Just don't make any ultra high-end jersey/patch cards with that kind of stuff.  I want.....but not that bad.


  1. Nice pickup! Love these cards. I remember missing out on a Howard for my PC a while back and I also thought I would never see another one. Then I got it for like $2 or something on ebay a few months ago.

    1. TWO BUCKS!!!!!

      Absolute steal!

      Yeah, I'm pumped about landing this one.