Friday, March 15, 2013

BEHIND THE MASKS - French Connection

Last weekend brought with it another trip to the local card show.  It was a quick (and early) trip as I had other plans in the afternoon but I'm glad I made the trek down to check out the tables.  There were a few cards that I was able to cross off the wantlist - and not the Linden list.

My goalie mask card collection has been a definite side project of late.  Something that I don't actively pursue (especially on ebay) and unless I find the card staring me in the face....and for the right price, I just walk right on by.

But this show brought four new card to the collection.  That's very rare considering there's no new mask releases lately.

2010/11 Pinnacle
Saving Face
#10 Jose Theodore

Once again, I would like to state that these cards do not scan well.  They look better in person but still miss the boat slightly due to the foil/dufex/whatever you want to call it finish on them.  You really never get a good clear look at the mask.

Shame, since Theodore's always got some interesting lids.  This Minnesota Wild card is one of the few from this team that Jose has.

2010/11 Pinnacle
Saving Face
#14 Marc Andre Fleury

Another card from the Saving Face insert set.  I wasn't going to chase these cards when they first came out because the photo wasn't close enough to really give focus to the mask.  But I soon found that I have built some sets with similar photo-type cards.

Again, because of my uber-passive chasing of this set, I decided to add it to the list.

Another one crossed off.

2010/11 Pinnacle
Saving Face
#12 Martin Brodeur

This was the surprise card of the bunch.  I'd never seen a copy of the Brodeur and was pleasantly surprised to see it staring me in the face. Better yet, I was able to trade for it.

Trading is so much more fun.

Marty's mask has become so iconic - even with the MB30 alteration he made to the crown a few years back.  I like this card, but it's not quite as nice as the last card on the list.

One of the final tables I hit up at the show was a new guy with a small sample of his personal collection.  I think it was somebody who was looking to get rid of some dead weight and make a few bucks in the process.

The card I saw was one I hadn't seen at a local show in over a decade.

1996/97 Pinnacle
#4 Martin Brodeur

Old school Pinnacle Masks!  These were the cards that made me fall in love with the goalie mask card concept.  And the 96/97 edition was one of the nicest (and still remains one of the most sought after).

Nothing fancy, just a mask, a background and a title.

I probably paid a little more than I would have if I'd have just waited and picked up a copy on ebay, but to track down a card locally (.....alright, it literally popped itself right in front of my face), to pick it up and examine it before buying it, and to know it won't have to be shipped in a bubble envelope made this deal an easy one.

Love crossing this one off the list.

By the way, bringing a list does come in handy (I'm learning, I'm learning).

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