Friday, March 15, 2013


What's that saying?  The eyes have it?  That definitely the case for this latest card to be praised for its solid photo selection.

There have been a number of memorable cards that have a certain glare, glance, look or even twinkle when it comes to a player's eyes.  To me, it instantly elevates the card to another level.

I took a photography course years ago and one of the things that was really focused on was a person's eyes.  Can you see them clearly?  Can you see what they are looking at?  Can you see both of them? (amazingly, it does make a difference)

It's almost as if you can hear what a person is thinking when you can see their eyes.

2009/10 Fleer Ultra
#28 Cam Ward

Most definitely a unique photo.  Very different cropping for a horizontal pic.  I love that they were able to get both the team logo on the jersey AND the puck in the shot.  Losing even one of them would have made this card much less interesting.

You can really see the concentration (or is that desperation) in Cam's eyes.  I wonder if that puck was tipped, bobbled or a knuckler from the point?

Even the Thrasher in the background looks mesmerized.

The eyes definitely have it.

Oh.......and by the way, I'd like to point this out to the card companies out there.

This great looking photo was utilized in a LOW END product.  This is not your UD Awesome or Panini Excellent.  This is Fleer Cheap.....and some great photos in the release.

If you like good hockey photos and can find a few packs cheap - grab 'em.


  1. An old hockey-hounding buddy from Boston, who spent the past few years as a PR/radio guy for a NAHL team in Texas, just took a job as a photo editor with Panini.

    I asked him to keep hounds in mind, making sure each card has plenty of white space for players to sign.

    It might be a little soon to ask, but he might be a good topic for a post on photo selection once he gets some time served with the company.

    1. Interesting topic.

      I can already think of a couple card designs that (I think) work excellent for hounding. On the flip side, I can think of a few that definitely would not.

      Other than the actual design of the card, what makes a "good" card for hounding? Surface texture? Photo selection? Orientation?

      Thanks for the topic idea.

  2. Once that doesn't require erasing, doesn't have a busy background and, for me, captures a moment beyond the player skating without the puck.