Tuesday, May 14, 2013

LINDEN CARD OF THE WEEK - Junior Class Signatures Redemption

I think this might be the first time that a redemption card gets top billing as a Linden Card Of The Week, but I think it is most worthy (and I would bet the other Linden collectors out there would agree).

Day one of the Toronto Expo, I arrived as the doors opened at 1:00.  I hit up a couple pre-planned tables right off the bat just to give them a little nod that I was there.  One such table was Ameet (99goals) who has the hibernating blog Hat Tricks & Home Runs.  I can't blame the guy.....he's a new dad!

It was great to see Ameet as we have had a solid back and forth via blogs and hobby boards for a while now.  I like his mindset towards hockey cards (even if sometimes he vents off the deep end).  He's got good thoughts and is always engaging.

His partner in crime at the table (and forgive me....I have forgotten his name) had some card in the showcases.  I looked, then asked and was then floored.

"Have you got any Lindens?"

"I have this one."

(yes....it was as simple as that)

2012/13 Panini Certified
Junior Class Signatures
#15 Trevor Linden/Tyler Ennis  /25 (redemption)

Now yes, this is a redemption card.  But you must understand, this card is from a very, VERY lightly broken product, the card is limited to just 25 copies, there has been only one redemption copy that I've seen in the nearly year the product's been out and to top it off....the price has ballooned to a crazy price online (I guess when there's just one copy up for grabs, there's little chance of dollar cost averaging).

What really excited me is that the single copy online for sale is a "live" copy of the card.  This means that Panini is producing this piece and I won't be stuck with a replacement (or to most....disappointment).

Not a terrible looking card.  For those of you wondering the connection.  They both played their junior hockey for the Medicine Hat Tigers.

What confused me a bit was that the Ennis autograph looks like it's a sticker.  A redemption card needed for a sticker?  No points there Panini. It does seem that the Linden is a hard signed signature (thank goodness).

The copy of ebay.....$200.  The price I paid for the redemption....$60 (and I think that's on par with what the card should go for).

A fair price and a quick deal not 10 minutes into my Expo adventure.  I didn't expect to cross this one of the list while I was in Toronto but boy am I glad I ever did.


  1. The Linden in the scan looks like a sticker as well, especially when I tilt my screen.

    1. You might be right. I'll be ticked if it is. Why the need for a redemption if you're just going to plug a couple stickers on the card? Horrible IMO.

      Redemptions should be reserved for hard signed autos.

  2. Thanks for the kind words bud. I had a lot of fun this expo and thanks for taking the time to chat. You are def one THE most positive people I have ever known.

    Cheers bud and I may have to make my way up to the summit next year.

    Ameet (99goals)