Friday, June 21, 2013

OUTSIDE THE BOX - A Nice Little Bonus In A Book I Bought

For a number of years now I have ventured to a huge annual used book sale in June.  Thankfully work was kind enough to schedule nicely so that I could hit up the sales last Saturday for a few hours.

Predictably, I head straight to the sports section when I get there and this year was no different.  I managed to find a few nice selections which will make for some good reading over the next few months (or even years...I came home with over a dozen books).

One of those books had a nice little gift inside it.  Similar to this little surprise a couple years ago.

This Paul Henderson biography is nicely autographed on the inside cover.  Not by Mike Leonetti...but by the man himself - Paul Henderson.  For a buck, this was a no-brainer pickup.  Too bad the autograph is personalized "To The Weens".  I am definitely not a Ween.

But it wasn't until I got home that the full realization of what this book held came to fruition.

I was leafing through the pages to see what kind of read it might be (and I like to see if there are photos.....I'm a sucker for pictures).  And what do you think literally pops out of the pages?

That's right.  An autographed index card of Paul.  Actually, it's the flip side of a promotional card from an appearance he made at a community church.  Regardless, it's a clean, white, pristine looking signature.  Undisturbed and screaming for me to build a custom with.

While he does have a big swooping "P" to start his sig, I think I can come up with something to house this great graph.

I love books.  Especially those with autographs of (should be) Hall of Famers tucked inside.


  1. nice!

    and how is it that I knew nothing of this event???

    1. You're on the list for a "heads up" next year.