Friday, June 21, 2013

RAISE THE CUP - Because I'm Sitting At Home

Calgary (and Southern Alberta in general) has been absolutely pounded with severe flooding over the past 24-48 hours.  Unprecedented amounts of water.  While my place is safe, I know that others can't say the same.

The downtown core has been completely evacuated, the Saddledome has flooded up to the 10th row of seats - the dressing rooms are completely submerged and the Jumbotron control room is totally destroyed.  Countless pieces of memorabilia and history gone.

Quite frankly though, as long as everyone is safe - everything else becomes secondary.

My workplace issued a day off for everyone and I have been glued to my TV all morning.  It's also allowed me some time to sift through some cards.  And so I thought I'd share a couple with you.

Trade night last Wednesday (which seems like forever ago now) brought two more card into the Raise The Cup PC.  One of my favorite side projects, I enjoy finding new cards with great new pics.

2012/13 Upper Deck SP Authentic
#151 Authentic Moments

The newly released SP Authentic product has a very nice subset called Authentic Moments.  Photos linked with key moments in hockey history.  Upper Deck does a great job with their photo selections and I'm intrigued with what the checklist might hold.

I saw some of the other cards from the set and it looks like it'll be a popular build.

Love the shot of Chara here.  I'm glad they got him post-SC cap.  This photo just oozes with character and emotion.  Great card.

2012/13 Panini Certified
Path To The Cup
#PSCW6 Drew Doughty  /99

This card comes from a nice little insert set Panini put out earlier this year.  I've already landed one other card from this limited production.  Not sure what the price range is on these, but I probably gave up a little more than I normally would have to get it.  That said, I gave up cards that have been sitting in the collection for a while and the trade came with the person who got me this gorgeous Linden patch last month.  I was happy to make the trade.

Doing a quick search on ebay tells me that these cards are a little tough to come by (I think because the product wasn't widely opened) and the price point is healthy to say the least.

Bottom line...two more great cards to add to the binder.

Current Collection - 111 cards

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