Sunday, July 28, 2013

MY COLLECTION - A Special Gift

Back at the start of May I ventured out to Ontario and attended the Spring Expo in Toronto.  I was fortunate enough to do this because I was invited to a wedding that happened to be the weekend after.  I was not only invited, but asked to be the emcee.  It was a huge honor and a lot of fun - definitely the highlight of my trip (and it included said card show, a Jays game, a Leafs playoff game and a killer concert).

On Friday I received a surprise package in the mail from the newly married couple.  I was stoked to see the goodies inside.

This Fenway Park brick is the real deal.  What a cool piece of history.  My friends went on their honeymoon to the Boston area and thought kindly of me in some of their shopping.

Framed up nice, it's a great 4x6 item that has a nice matted frame job and simple layout.

What I really like about it though is that there's no glass in front of it all.  And yes...I've rubbed the brick already.  Who wouldn't?

This is a fantastic add to my collection and I will find a suitable place to hang it in my office.  A constant reminder of a most memorable trip.

But that wasn't all.  Also in the package was this beauty.

A Miracle On Ice puck straight from Lake Placid (another destination on their honeymoon).

One of the greatest sporting moments EVER - period.  This puck has a nice inserted piece into it and simply reflects one of the most stunning upsets in hockey history.

I've watched both the HBO doc as well as the bio-flick Miracle and have found both to be quite enjoyable.  Good rainy day viewing for those of you looking to add to your sports viewing.

This puck will sit nicely in my edit suite at work along with some other very special pieces in my mini shrine I've started to set up.

And although the newly married couple probably won't ever read this post (I don't know if they are even aware that I blog), I will give them a big thank you.  Cause that's just what you do.

Thank you Dan and Miranda for asking me to be a part of your special day.  And thank you very much for the kind gifts.  They will be forever cherished.

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