Saturday, March 29, 2014

SWEET GOALIE SIGS - Could It Be Yet Another Project??!!!

Do I have too much on my collecting plate?

I guess not according to the most recent trade night.

I was happily trading for some new additions to the HHOF Auto collection and came across a card that made me stop and appreciate.  Simple as that.

The card was so stunning that I have decided to start a new (albeit minor) project.

This hard-signed Rogie Vachon auto is awesome in person.  The artistic work done in capturing Rogie in his purple best, the vintage leather, the fibreglass crown mask and one heck of a sweet sig had me instantly drooling.

I was able to bundle it in with some HOF cards and was glad to tuck it in with them.

I got home and immediately started searching for the one other card that I instantly thought of when I saw the Vachon.

One of the nicest autos, one of the nicest photos and one of the nicest sets of all-time.

I was always trying to figure out what to do with this Maniago card.  Now I know.

These two cards are the start of what I am calling "The most awesome goalie autos of all-time" or Sweet Goalie Sigs.  The project is simple.  If I find an autographed goalie card that I think is the best one of them all, I'll try to snag it.

Full body shots (head on) are ideal.  And I'm not breaking the bank for this project.  It's gonna have about as much weight to my overall collection as my 1 vs. 100 set or my Raise The Cup project.....which is "Meh...whatever".

All I know is that these two cards are in a class of their own - and I just needed to give that class a name.

I'm not even going to keep cont of who I have at this moment.  That's how little I've got pushed into this quest.  That's not to say I won;t be looking.  Seeing that Vachon and hitting the brakes hard was an awesome feeling.

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