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There are some hockey cards that truly evoke the saying "frozen in time".  A while back I posted a pair of Dominic Roussel cards that fit the bill perfectly.  And last week at the monthly trader night, I found one more example.

2011/12 Upper Deck Series II
UD Canvas
#C206 Tomas Vokoun

This closeup shot of Vokoun as he focuses on the puck creates some cool imagery.  Is he David Blaine-ing it up and performing a feat of levitation?  Or is he about to pounce on the puck like a kitten with a ball of yarn?  Maybe he's in the midst of a mental lapse as he watches the puck drift by him....unable to react?

Whatever it's a cool photo.  And I'm a sucker for shots like these.  Especially when you add into the equation the closeup of the goalie mask.  It's like the card was made with me specifically in mind.

Even on the canvas textured card, you can make out some of the bold detail on Tomas' mask.  I do like what he had done with his Caps lid.  The team theme with the red, white and blue colors.  Good symmetry and not a ton of minute detail.  A eye-catcher from a distance....just like all good masks are.

If I did have one little beef, it would be that Vokoun's eye is a little covered by the cage of his mask.  If the photographer would have been able to time it where his eye would have been clear through one of the would have been a home run.  Instead, it's a solid triple....with an error to get him home.

What a great card to add to the collection.

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