Saturday, April 19, 2014


Last week was a quiet one for Linden pickups.  But that doesn't mean that what I reeled in wasn't of significance.

There's a collector that goes to the monthly trade nights who has a small stash of Linden cards.  He knows I collect him and he picks up the odd card here and there when he can trade for them.  Many times in the past he has helped me add a new card to the pc.

Last month, he had a new card I needed.  But even though I had a full box of traders, we weren't able to complete a trade.

See, he's a Detroit collector.  I can appreciate that.  And I didn't have any Red Wings cards.  So that meant I had to do some replenishing of the ol' trade box.  Which I managed to do early in this month.

So when April's trade night happened last week....I was ready.  And I was happy to land this new add.

2012/13 In The Game Decades 90s
#A-TL Autograph

This hard signed signature was a card that I just let slip by time after time after time on ebay.  Two reasons for that.  One, I refuse to pay $20+ dollars for this card.  It's just not worth that.  Even now, it's in the $10 range.....I won't budge.

Second, I knew that eventually I'd be able to trade for this copy.  It's not numbered and it's not a high-demand Linden card (even for a guy who has it on his wantlist).

So I waited.....and waited.  And I finally made a trade for it.

Cross that one off.

The second card comes from a trade I made on the hobby boards.  It involves a piece of my awesome one box break of In The Game Used last month.  This product is paying off in spades.

I was able to trade the quad gold card (as well as a couple other smaller value cards) for this one...

2013/14 In The Game Used
Past, Present & Future
#PPF-08 Horvat/Sedin/Linden Gold

This gold parallel is limited to just 10 copies.  And even though I slightly overpaid, the fact that I was able to trade for this card makes it all worth it.  The other cards I gave up were either cards I picked up cheap or have been sitting in my trade box for a mighty long time.

Three great two-color jersey pieces with thick seams on the Horvat and Linden pieces.

Is it a stunner of a card?  No...not really.  It's a little par for the ITG course.  But it's a low numbered item that hits my pc via trade.  And for that, I applaud......myself.

With these two cards off the list, it looks like I'm adding a couple more back on.  I guess I spoke too soon when I said it was a good thing Linden didn't win a Cup.  It seems as though he has been included in the latest ITG offering Lord Stanley's Mug.  A Cup Rivals card that has Linden share the space with Mess....ugh, I can't even say it.  The first dual card featuring the pair.  Yuck.  He also has a quad card - around the bases we go again.  All that's left is to see what kind of parallel offerings there are on these cards.


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    1. That may be true.

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