Thursday, April 17, 2014

HHOF AUTOS - Two Beauties

There are cards that just scream "Yes!"  Cards that are the ideal....the pinnacle.  The single best example of a card that can be had.

Yesterday at the monthly trade night, I picked up a pair.

I'm always looking for cards to add to my HHOF Autos project.  But part of the process is the need to have adequate traders in my box.  A couple weeks ago I replenished my traders and was excited to see if I could land some new goodies.

One person in particular had a couple autos I really had my eye on.  They would be classified (in my eyes) as the top example of each player auto available.  But he's a Red Wings collector....and I didn't have any Detroit cards last month.  So I scooped up some new red & whites and proceeded to try again.


Johnny Bower
(Inducted in 1976)

This is easily the best Bower auto I've ever seen.  In recent years his signature has gotten a little smaller on cards and the hand isn't quite as steady as it once was (the guy is 89....and still going strong.  AWESOME!).

This autograph comes from the Upper Deck released set commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Leafs winning the 1967 Stanley Cup.  The sweeping penmanship is truly stunning.

Everything about this signature is perfect and when I compare it to other Bower autos available for sale....I can easily say that I have the best example.

And I love the retro look and feel of the card itself.  I need not say anymore.

Bernie Federko
(Inducted in 2002)

Yes!  I finally snagged a copy of this card.

When I traded for the 06/07 Parkhurst Federko currently in my collection, I knew that it was only going to be a matter of time before I upgraded to this card.  While the Parkhurst set is a beauty...this card takes the cake.

In my eyes there was only this copy that I wanted in my collection.  A great photo that oozes 70's hockey, a simple but eligant card design and a rock solid signature - big and bold.

I've been doing a lot of upgrading so far in my quest to obtain 100 hard signed Hall Of Fame autographs and I feel that each one has only grown and diversified my project.  I really like the looks of things as I close in on the halfway point.

I can't believe how things have moved so quickly on this venture.

Current Collection - 43 HOF Autos


  1. what happened to the no horizontal thing? Did that disappear? have we covered that already?

    oh, and I cannot wait until the 50th anniversary. Party!
    I will talk about that every trade night. Glorious.

    1. You had too many cupcakes it seems. There is no "horizontal" rule. Check the previous posts. Yikes.

      Maybe it was Dale Weise's heroics that have you all goofy.

      I'll prep the goodies for the 50th!!!