Tuesday, April 15, 2014

OUTSIDE THE BOX - Bubba Lightning

I spent a bit of time last weekend watching The Masters golf tournament.  I enjoy breaking out the sticks myself and smacking the ball around and every once in a while I'll catch some golf on TV.  But The Masters tournament is something to really behold.  Everything is kicked up a notch.

From the manicured greens to the pristine fairways.  Cameras that are so hidden it makes it seem that you are out there with the competitors.  Gorgeous ambience and of course the green jacket.

It's an amazing event.  So much so that I've added it to my bucket list.  I'm going to go to Augusta one day to watch this spectacle in person.

So what does this have to do with cards?

Well, I dug this out of my trade box.....the only golf card I own.  And I thought it would be a fitting show.

2011 Goodwin Champions
Lightning Parallel
#29 Bubba Watson

Bubba Watson.  The lefty with one of the more unorthodox swings on tour.  But boy can he rip it.  Now a two-time Masters champion after besting the field last weekend.

He cracks the mold when it comes to what a golfer is.  He's creative in his swings, fiery with his emotions and cool when it counts.

I saw this card a while back and added it as a toss in to a trade I made.  I had (and still have) no clue what the card even is.  I know it's a lightning parallel of his base card.  No hard numbers given on scarcity...but it appears to pop up around one per case.

It's got a artist painting feel to it and Bubba almost looks like 70's science fiction robot alien......who golfs.  And the lightning in the background just adds to the drama.

I would think that now's the best time to move it as his popularity would be as good as it's ever been.  But I don't do ebay selling.....so this might be the only chance you have at it.

Not that I'm looking to shuffle it out of here.  I'm quite content keeping it too.


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