Wednesday, October 1, 2014

LINDEN CARD OF THE WEEK - Bubble Mailer In The Box

Well, even though I missed the first local card show of the year due to work, I was able to hit up the local trade night a couple weeks ago (and there's another one tomorrow).  October's card show is this weekend so I'll be knee deep into the hobby again...just in time for the regular season to start.

I'm excited for the season to get underway, but my level of "manic-ness" when it comes to the hobby is still low.  It's not that I've been lacking in Linden pickups (in fact, I've landed a few nice, new additions which I'll be showing off over the next week), but I think it's just been more of a selective nature for me.  I'm not as gung-ho to land every new card on the list right away.

And I'm perfectly cool with that.

I'm curious to see what kind of cards Linden will have in the upcoming Artifacts, Cup and Ultimate Memorabilia products.  Me thinks the wantlist will grow quite a bit over the next couple months.

Again....perfectly cool with that.

What I'm still trying to lock into is "What else do I want to spend my hobby money on?"  Or maybe the question should be "Do I want to spend money on anything but my projects?"

Tough questions.  Good thing I've got all the time in the world to figure it out.

Until then, let's take a look at what the mailman brought me today.

2013/14 Panini National Treasures
Playbook Printing Plate
#31 Yellow  1/1

Oh yes, the dreaded printing plate.  What a love/hate relationship I (and many other collectors) have with these cards.

Yes, they are 1/1's, but are they overly desirable?  They definitely don't have the same appeal as they did years ago (or even last year for that matter).

But each time I see one pop up on ebay, I get the urge to bid on it.  After all, it might be the last time it ever shows it's face.

This one went for (what I consider to be ) a very reasonable price.  I knew there were a couple others from this four color set up for auction at the same time.  I thought maybe there would be the chance to land all four.

Well that dream ended quickly as when I bid on the blue version soon after...the price went higher than I was willing to pay for.  Am I disappointed?  Not in the least.  These cards aren't that key for my collection.  I've seen it.  I scanned it.  It'll go in the database.

Here's the back........because I had the scanner warmed up.

It's neat to think that this plate was used in the actual process of creating the card on the front.  The back shows some scratch lines (top to bottom...parallel to each other) from what I would assume to be the printing process.

A fine add if I do say so myself.  And a great way for the mailman to re-acquaint himself with my place.

Welcome back Mr. Postman!

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