Tuesday, October 14, 2014

LINDEN CARD OF THE WEEK - Not Mine.......Yet

Lots of stuff happening on numerous Linden fronts this past week.  None of which directly affecting me.....yet.

But these items I'm about to show you are definitely worthy of a blog post - that's for sure.

First of all, Upper Deck is about to release its ultra high-end product next week.  2013/14 The Cup will mark the official end of last season's hockey card product releases (yes, I know....it's dumb) and it will also mark the third season in a row that my guy has been included in the checklist.

While specific numbers are not yet out, I did notice this beauty as a part of Upper Deck's preview.

Oh man.  The drool factor went up a little just now.

Anyone recognize the patch?  For you non-Canucks followers, it's the 20th Anniversary patch.  The only beef I have with this card is that Linden is pictured in a time after that.  It would have been outstanding if UD had put a proper era photo on the card.

But......beggars can't be choosers.  And I guess neither can people with a bit of common sense.

Now that doesn't mean that I'm not chasing this card.  Not at all.  In fact, with a print run of 25, it might be one of the more exciting challenges of the product for me.

Fingers crossed that the checklist won't break the bank.

Just prior to seeing that beauty of a card on UD's Facebook page, I noticed yet another Linden stunner on ebay.

A copy finally showed up (and yes, the photo is that sucky......it's called focus).

This Tundra Sixes patch card from Artifacts has an eclectic mix of Canucks players including Linden.  It's doubtful that I'll pull the trigger on a bid with this copy.  I'm more interested in seeing how high it finishes.

But with only 6 copies of the card in the product, I figured it was worth posting as it might be a while before I see another.

And last....but definitely not least, I was notified about one heck of an auction.  I've got very little intention of pulling the trigger, but massive interest as I think it's one of the coolest items I've ever seen.

First, how many of you have ever seen this photo?

It one of a handful of pics that exist showing Linden in his pre-#16 jersey.

This is the only photo I have from this brief era and it was cut out of a magazine years ago.  I kept it because of the unique #49 shot.  It's such a cool photo....I do wish it was larger though.

But I was forwarded a site that shared the same photo.

Yeah.  That is what it is.

Classic Auctions, one of the premiere sites for sports memorabilia auctions, has got its hands on an 88/89 Linden game-used jersey from his pre-season games.  In fact, CA claims that it's the very first jersey Linden wore in an NHL game (Sept. 16, 1988 in Duncan BC against the LA Kings).

The jersey comes from the personal collection of Canucks Equipment Manager Larry Ashley and has all the proper evidence of being the real deal.

The Canucks wore nameplates on their jerseys in the '88 preseason and there is evidence that this was a recycled jersey prior to Linden wearing it.

Now we've seen the yellow version in a photo, but never the black.  Well, Classic Auctions comes through again.

You can clearly see that in this team photo, Linden is wearing a jersey in which the number ends in a 9.  That's the #49 jersey.

I was also interested to learn that this jersey is very likely to also be a part of another Linden photo.  One that I've had in my collection for years.

This Mohawk team-issued card photo was almost certain to have occurred on the same day as the team picture.  Therefore, it is almost assured that the jersey he is wearing on this card is the #49 jersey being auctioned off.

So what might an item like this fetch in the open market?  I have no idea, but whoever ends up landing this truly unique item will have one jealous Linden collector looking on in awe.

There's always some great stuff out there!!


  1. Damn. That first Linden is pretty freaking sweet.

  2. I think the vast majority of Canuck fans had no idea his first rookie jersey was #49 myself included. In my humble and biased opinion this jersey has to be the pinnacle of Canucks memorabilia. The fact that it wasn't destroyed or recycled because the Canucks happened to change jersey styles the following season is astonishing. Fortunately Larry Ashley happened to save some promising prospects first rookie jersey. No one at the time could have imagined the icon that Trevor Linden would eventually become. This jersey is probably one of the most significant and important pieces of Canucks memorabilia in existence and I'm proud to say I own it. That being said where can I get my hands on one of those Mohawk cards?

    1. I would tend to agree. It is a very important piece in Canucks history. Now when you say "you own it" do you mean that you won the auction? Or are you Larry Ashley? I assume that you won the auction...in which case


      I was talking with another Linden collector and we think that the only other jerseys that would hold similar weight would be the Game 6 jersey from their Cup run in '94 and even the Game 7 jersey. Also, the draft day jersey he put on would be pretty sweet.

      You've got an outstanding piece. I don't have an extra Mohawk card or I'd be happy to hook you up with one.

      Thanks for posting.

  3. I did win the auction and thank you. Larry Ashley was the Canucks trainer that passed away after their 94 cup run.

    I've found it's very rare to find any Linden game worn or used equipment. The draft day jersey he wore home #88 for his draft year is in his personal collection. If you go to Lindens website down to collectables he features it there along with some other equipment and important items from his career. I'm certainly looking as I'd like to find some rookie year game used gloves, helmet, skates and a stick to display them along side with the jersey.

    As for the cup run game 6 or 7 jerseys I haven't heard anything about their existence. Perhaps they are in the BC all of fame or on display by the Canucks at the arena.

    Not sure if they kept track of them in 94 yet but for the last decade and a half usually 3 or 4 jerseys are issued to players for the season along with the odd promotional jersey like shirt off their back games and tracked/owned by the team or groups like meigray for resale.

    I'd be ecstatic and extremely appreciative if I could get a Linden Mohawk card from you. I would prominently display it with the jersey. Let me know how I could contact you please.

    1. Thanks very much for contacting me. I didn't know about the Linden "88" jersey. That is very cool.

      I'd love to contact you outside of this blog and will certainly provide you with a high res scan of the Mohawk card. As well, I will keep my eyes out for a copy.

      If you wouldn't mind providing me with your e-mail address (I will not post your comment in order to respect your privacy) I would be happy to help you out in any way that I can.

      Thanks again for commenting and again....congratulations. It's such a great item you've won.


  4. Link to info on Larry Ashley


  5. Sorry I misunderstood about the card. If you ever decide to part with it or know where I might be able to acquire one let me know. It would be displayed inside the display case prominently with the jersey.

  6. Any chance you could post a very high resolution photo of the mohawk card?

  7. This is deffinetly a killer Linden jersey. The seller before sending it to auction offered it to me for sale. I had just recently purchased a another Linden gamer so I didn't have the funds. I'm now up to 5 game worn jerseys and finally added a pair of Linden skates to the collection! I'm really hoping to add a skate jersey or 2 into the collection one day


  8. Just managed to buy the vote Linden for Rookie of the year button .

    1. Very nice. I remember those back in the day. I believe Don Cherry even wore one on Coach's Corner in support of Trev.

  9. Yeah he wore it on coaches corner in an effort to help bring about some awareness to what the kid from Vancouver out on the coast was doing. Granato and Leetch were getting all the attention in New York. Lindens 30 goals and 59 points was pretty awesome for a rookie.

  10. I'd really like to get some Canucks game used jerseys/gear. Where do you guys suggest would be the best place to find such, especially the older items from the 90's

    1. I'll be honest, I don't dabble in game used stuff that often so I am not too sure.

      Classic Auctions has a lot of certified items and I believe MEIGRAY is another site.

      I also know that teams have GU sales during the summer. Look on their websites for details.

      Best of luck.