Friday, August 7, 2015


It's official....I'm buying cards again.  Woo-hoo!!!????

I don't know if that warrants any sort of celebration, but I'm happy to be back participating in the hobby again after a bit of a lull (self imposed).

I went to the monthly trade night last night and it was slim on the turnout.  But that's ok, chit-chatting with the few that were there got me re-energized about collecting.

Unfortunately, I participated in some poor, poor purchasing choices.

Three-way pack wars with 2013 MLS Soccer (even at .25 cents a pack) is a horrible idea.  And I won 9 out of 12 rounds!!!

Panini Americana was even worse.  Horrible hits and of course the house wins the bonus pack with the only good card - a Mickey Rourke auto.  Drat.

Topps baseball Series II????  Why would I buy a jumbo pack?  I don't even collect baseball.  And I got a hit in my pack to boot.

Call me'll wear off.

The big purchase of the evening came from a few clicks on my phone.  Ebay was beckoning me and I responded.  You'll have to wait a bit for the payoff though.  No hints.

In the meantime, I came home from work today to see a bubble envelope in the mailbox (been a long time since I've seen one of those).  I was excited to tear into it.

2014/15 Leaf/In The Game
In The Game Used
#GU3P-15 Game Used Triple Patch Gold  /5

That's a pretty good start IMO to the monstrous 32 card checklist I've added to my Linden list with regards to this new ITGU release.  I saw a swarm of cards hit the secondary market - and the inflated prices that I expected.

But it took almost no time for the prices to slide down....even plummet.

I think the saturation of Linden cards on the market combined with the lack of big names on the card (in comparison to HOFers like Richard, Sawchuk and Phil Tony Esposito made these cards less desirable to others.

But not me.

While the patch might not be stunning, the price was (alright "stunning" might be exaggerating).  It had a very respectable Buy It Now price...less than what people were asking on cards /10, /25 and even /45.

But me being me, I threw out a Best Offer.  The cdn dollar is so crappy right now, I had to try and offset it a bit.

To my shock, the seller accepted.  I received the card today.

I'll be honest, it's not a bad looking card.  Thick, thick stock, fancy gold shiny stuff, decent layout.  Would've liked better pics (the Linden is ok, but the Hull just looks weird and Modano looks like he's gonna take a puck in the chops any second) but overall....not bad.

One down.....31 to go.

Curious to see what the local market has on these price-wise when the monthly shows start up again next month.


  1. I like that we've come to the point in the hobby where Brett Hull and Mike Modano aren't big names.

    we're not talking Jordy Hull here....

    1. True. But there's a ton of Hull and Modano out there too.


      Now if it were MacKinnon and McDavid.....look out.

  2. a bit off-topic, but seeing your Oscar Gamble card at the top of the blog…. check out the Sports Illustrated July Where are they Now issue (Brett Favre on the front). They have a story where they show an old card (like this one), then re-enact it with the player, and write a short history.

    1. I saw that too.

      The online version of the story allows you to actually slide from one card to the other. Very cool.

      Was able to land a hard copy of the magazine by way of one of the local hobby shops. A nice surprise. (ps. Thanks Darren).