Thursday, December 3, 2015

MY COLLECTION - A Nice New Signature For The Trade Box

It was trade night at the local card shop tonight.  A bit of a lower key vibe from last month's offering.  In November, Upper Deck Series I was all the craze - and the hunt for Connor McDavid Young Guns cards.

This time around I watched a few boxes get opened, nothing by me (other than a couple fun packs of Wacky Packages....ahhhh, takes me back.  I may have to post about it).  But I did make one trade which brought in what I consider the top card in my trade box.

2007/08 Upper Deck SP Authentic
Sign Of The TImes
#ST-JT Jonathan Toews

When I walked into the shop, I was immediately asked if I had any Young Guns from this season's Upper Deck Series I.  I did.  And after filtering out the one card that the other person needed, I immediately started sifting his trade box for an on par return.

I didn't find anything that was in the ballpark, but did see this sweet looking Toews auto.  So I asked if there was anything else I could offer to even up the deal.

It didn't take long and the Toews was mine.

It was nice to make a trade and not bring in anything that'll go into any projects or collections of mine.  It was a trade so that I could have something different in my trade box.

Little did I know at the time that this card comes from his rookie season in the NHL.  Graded copies go for a good chunk of change.  Makes me want to take a closer look at this one.

Even if I don't get it graded, I think it's a super card to have in my arsenal.  I had a couple people look at it already.  So here's hoping I can parlay it into a Linden or two.


  1. Could be a card worth keeping if you are thinking about your HOF collection down the road!

    1. Interesting you mentioned that. The thought did cross my mind. But I quickly decided no.

      I don't want it to be about collecting future HOFers. I don't see myself tucking a Crosby or Ovechkin, etc. away just so I have it.

      I have now set the rule that I don't add it to the list and I don't go hunting for it until the player is officially in the HOF.