Monday, October 3, 2016

RAISE THE CUP - Stanley Cup Champs...Duh

More sorting of cards on my desk.  Finally getting to these Stanley Cup Champs cards (yet another insert set that is piggybacking off of my tremendous idea).

The more I think about the Cup raising concept, the more I'd like to see more retro cards in these inserts.  Imaging some great Original Six guys in their glory, or maybe the Broad Street Bullies celebrating their accomplishment.  How about some of the all-time greats hoisting the holy grail.

I wonder how many of those moments actually have a good photo to capture the moment?

Anyways, I digress.  On with the show.

Marty Brodeur with the big grin.  Really epitomizes what this project is all about.

By the way.....these cards scan like crap.  They are a nice shiny red foil background, die-cut on the right to outline the Stanley Cup.

Patrick Kane representing one of the great dynasties in our current era.

Yup....I said it.  The D word.

Chicago is just that good, and have found ways to continue winning even with the struggles against the cap and with player turnover.  Impressive.

Case in point.....Brandon Saad.

That's a moment he better remember for a lifetime.

I really liked the "That 70's Line" of Pearson, Carter and Toffoli.  They really injected the Kings with some energy and spunk.

And Tyler has a spunky look on his face to celebrate.


Marty.  It feels like so long ago (I guess it has now that I think of it).

Amazing how time flies.

This 20-card insert set from the 2014/15 OPC Platinum product should be one to chase.  Now I have to prep some checklists of all the ripoff sets I have to go after.

Before any more pop up this year.

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  1. Love that Brodeur card. Tyler Toffoli...not so much.