Sunday, October 10, 2010


I've recently been taking a look at a smattering of vintage base cards, some mid-90's sets and some 'low end' card releases as they have tweaked my interest for an article I am writing.

Within my searches, I have come across some pretty neat looking cards (both good and bad) which will nicely add to my Bike Spokes and Cardboard Photography subject posts.

Rather than throw in a stinker this weekend, I thought I'd take a look at a card that really captures a cool moment.

2008/09 MVP Magnificent 7's
Cam Ward #M7-CW

This card comes from the 'low end' product release MVP. I use low end in quotes only because a card like this does not cry out low end. It's these kinds of cards that can make sets like MVP or Victory or Collector's Choice a successful venture.

Do you remember the Stanley Cup Finals from 2006? Oh man, it was ugly. The Edmonton Oilers fought their way into the playoffs and then proceeded to claw their way to the Finals. Wouldn't you know it, Chris Pronger was an integral part of that Oiler squad. I'm not a big Pronger fan, but he's got quite the resume of success.

The Hurricanes were another team that just had me shaking my head. Cam Ward was on fire that year and had some great leadership from Rod Brind'amour.

This card finds Sergei Samsonov getting stymied by Ward. A great action shot and the horizontal card layout just adds to the overall completion of the quality card.

My only beef (and it's a slight one) is that the focus of the save is almost blocked out completely by the enormous '7' in the bottom right of the card. Still, a great snapshot of the series.

I took a look at the other cards from that insert set and was extremely disappointed in the lack of quality photos used for such a great concept.

Gretzky, floating around in his Kings' uni as they knock off the Leafs. Just a head shot of Lafontaine and gang as they hold off the Caps back in the mid-80's (what an OT game).

This Ward card stands heads and tails above the rest and finds a spot in my Cardboard Photography collection.

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