Sunday, November 18, 2012

TRADEBAIT - Having Some Hobby Fun

After the disappointment of Friday where I received a Linden card (that had been on my wantlist for as long as I can remember) in less than acceptable condition, I went to the local card show Saturday in hopes of a rebound.

And it happened in spades.

The best part is that the card I picked up isn't going to be in my possession for very long.  In fact, it's already in a bubble envelope ready to be shipped to its new home.

As a player collector, I have come to realize that I need help in tracking down all the cards out there.  Getting my name out to the dealers, store owners and other collectors in general has helped immensely over the years.  To the point where they don't even need to be asked sometimes...they come to me with the "Hey, I gotta....".  And it is very much appreciated.

Well, I picked up a card that gave me the opportunity to go "Hey, I gotta...." to another diehard player collector.

2003/04 Beehive
#49 Derek Morris gold /15

It's been over three years since one of the most important Linden purchase days for me ever.  Among some of the rarities was the 2003/04 Beehive gold /15.  It was a huge card to knock off the wantlist.

So when I was flipping through a $2 binder at the show and came across this Morris, I decided to pick it up.  I knew that there was a Derek Morris collector that might need it.

This morning I did a little searching and I did find that Morris collector.  Sure enough, the card was on the wantlist.  She was thrilled to hear I had a copy.  She was even more thrilled when I told her of the price.

The feeling of helping out a fellow collector for nothing more than the satisfaction of seeing another card being crossed off a list is fantastic.

Makes me almost forget about the Linden I've got to tack back on to mine.

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