Thursday, April 30, 2015


As part of my Oscar Gamble haul recently, I managed to pick up a few other Topps Original stamped buybacks from the 70's.  And baseball cards from the 70's have a definite appeal to my eye.

Case in point - Tito Fuentes

I don't think I've ever seen such a spectacular use of one's hat before.  Can you do headband and cap at the same time?

Should you?

And the fact that it's Padres brown and yellow just make it that much more impressive.

Speaking of impressive, I didn't know the King Of Latin Music played second base for San Diego.

Whoops.....Fuentes....Puente.  My bad.

Tito does make for a mean trading card though.

No, no, no.....not that Tito.

(and don't even think of me going where you think I might be going).

Let's take a closer look at this 1977 stunner.

The uniforms go without saying, but I'll say it anyways - Frickin' Awesome.  These colors seriously need to make a comeback.

The ol' vintage leather glove is quite the throwback too.  They don't make them like that anymore (thank goodness).

How about that facsimile autograph.  Tito definitely has the sweet sig.  And a star to dot the "I".....can you say Superstar.

And while the card design isn't really anything to write home about, the massively off centered cut makes this a true home run in my book.

Mental note.....start wearing my Canucks hat in the same way next season.


  1. Tito is definitely rockin' the brown & gold. Nice card.

  2. I cannot wait for you to show up at a trade night with a headband on.

    it will be epic, and merciless.