Wednesday, April 29, 2015

WALLET CARD - Four For The Show

Over the past few weeks I have been more active in my #WalletCard searches and purchases for my new found player collection.  Today was the big payoff for my efforts.

When I decided to start an Oscar Gamble player pc it was partially because I saw what some of the going prices were on the "tougher to get" cards.  I can say this....he's no Linden.

Many of the tougher parallels have very low associated price tags - and no hits on them.  I almost feel like it's shooting fish in a barrel.  Where's the challenge.

Well, the challenge may be in the shipping of cards to my address.  Living in Canada, I'm finding a lot of these rare Gambles selling in the US.  That makes for pricey shipping.  But I've got a bit of an ace up my sleeve.

A fellow Linden collector friend has a US address and he has been very generous in helping me pick up cards from the United States.  He did the bidding on a few Oscar auctions (that's fun to say) and just held on to the winnings until I built up a small lot.

The bubble mailer hit the mailbox today.

2015 Topps
#263 Original Buyback (1979 Topps)

This was the card that started it all.  A simple buyback from this year's Topps flagship release.  I saw this copy on ebay as part of a buyback lot and decided that if I could get the bunch for a good price, maybe I could recoup my costs with the remaining cards.

I'm not sure how many of these buybacks there are (and by that I mean how many of the '79 Topps.....I've seen '76 and '78 stamped variations as well).  There haven't been many on ebay so I figured I'd take a shot.  It paid off.

2005 Topps
#FFA-OG All-Time Fan Favorites Autographs

This one goes nicely with my first Gamble pc pickup.  Another very inexpensive card.  Hard signed and reeking of vintage goodness, this offering really appeals to me.  I might have to take a peek at the rest of the cards in the set....or maybe the hockey versions.  They look great.

And while Oscar's fro isn't as stunning as my #WalletCard, it still scores pretty high on the Fro Scale.  Some mean porkchop sideburns don't hurt either.

2013 Panini
Hometown Heroes
#66 Hometown Signatures Gold  /25

A low numbered card.  Venturing into new territory.  This was not like visiting the dentist.  In fact, it was like being told you can take all the candy from a baby you'd like.

I couldn't believe how low this card ended up at when the final seconds of the ebay auction ended.  For a hard signed signature, numbered to just 25 copies I was sure it would fetch more.

Clearly my Oscar Gamble card knowledge is far inferior to my Trevor Linden knowledge.

Works for me.

Not the greatest photo (and the flip side of this card uses some strange green color filtering.....tres nasty) and the overall card design is a little Meh, but me being the completist couldn't resist.

2013 Panini
America's Pastime
#10 Boys Of Summer Autographs Red  /10

And if a card numbered to 25 wasn't good enough, how about a piece of cardboard with just 10 copies.

Yup, I pulled it off.  I've seen the parallels /25 go for more than I paid on this one.  To me this drifts into "Steal of the Year" category.  The only thing that could've made this card better.....a hard signed signature.

Stickers on cards numbered to 10 = Lame.

And I hate that Panini used the same photo.  Heck, in this instance Oscar doesn't even look like a baseball player.

Where's an afro when you need one?

(scrolls to the top of the post)

Ah, there it is.

A big thanks to Kevin for bidding on, winning, collecting and then shipping the cards out to me.  And he was kind enough to send some very fantastic extras.

Stay tuned for some bonus show & tell posts.

Current Collection - 7 cards

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