Friday, May 1, 2015


Geez.....I can't believe it's been a year since my last Parkie Project pickup.  Then again, I did tell myself that this particular project would be a marathon and not a sprint.

That said, a little kick in the behind is always nice to get wheels rollin'.

I'm sure you've heard now that I received a pretty cool bubble mailer from a fellow Linden collector recently.  In it were some gorgeous Oscar Gamble adds to my slowly growing player collection.  Those were cards I knew were coming.  He also decided to add a few extras.  One of them happened to be from my 1951/52 Parkhurst project.

1951/52 Parkhurst
#91 Hy Buller

This was without question one heck of a surprise.  When I pulled the cards out I could see a toploader that didn't quite belong in the mix.  But the card inside kept me gazing at it for a while.

And while it might not be in tip top shape (looks good for a 65 year old piece of cardboard) this card will not only sit proudly in the collection, but be a constant reminder of all of the things I love about this hobby.

Thoughtfulness.  Selflessness.  "Just because".

The collecting world is a better place when you can harness those powers.  And to be the recipient of an act of kindness like this just really made my day - heck, my month.  Thanks again Kev.

Now I'll admit, I've never heard of Hy Buller.  So a little Wiki-Googling was in order.

First thing I learned.....he had a tremendous nickname.  You're on your own to search it out.

He was one of only two Jewish professional hockey players in the 40s and 50s.

A 2nd Team All-Star during the 1952 season, this rugged defenceman was greatly admired by the likes of superstars Gordie Howe and Maurice Richard for both his solid play and good sportsmanship.

He played just 5 NHL seasons, first for Detroit and then the Rangers before retiring in 1954.

He finished his career having played in 188 NHL contests with 22 career goals, 80 points and 215 PIMs.

Here's a link to a fine article written by Joe Pelletier over at Greatest Hockey Legends.  Check out the comments section is a small sampling, but reveals just how much Hy Buller was admired and respected.

Taking a look now at my latest Parkie to be added, the vibrant blue color really pops out of the card.  The contrasting red in the Rangers uniform really makes this copy a winner.

The corners are not what they once used to be - but I could care less.

There's a bit of a crease across the upper portion of the card - but I could care less.

The pretty good in my books - but I could care less.

This card is all about kindness, thoughtfulness and selflessness.

I've got the juices flowing now for a little giveaway or two myself.

Just because.

Parkie Progress - 11 out of 105  (10.4%)

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