Thursday, January 29, 2015


Just for kicks, I decided to see when the last time was that I built a custom card. Answer...almost TWO YEARS!!!

One of the things I told myself I'd do this year is get back on the custom card making wagon. I've got a couple projects that require my attention (sorry about that people), I feel like I've got a little more motivation to do it and (most importantly) I really enjoy the art of creating a sportscard.

I've seen some pretty spectacular customs created recently (to the point where the lines are getting blurred between what is actually licensed and what is made in someone's own home.  It's been inspiring.

But I think what really got my juices going again was this little signature...

Wow.  Ken Dryden.

This signature came from a local collector who asked if I could do something with it.

Could I?

You don't see it in the scan, but the signature is on a glossy paper (almost like it's been laminated.  That said, the signature is solid and just the right size for a cut auto card.

Here's the graph in context to an actual card.  I didn't have a Dryden handy so I am using his fellow teammate Guy Lafleur.  Y'know...the dude with the helmet - cuz that's how we all remember him.  Yeesh.

Anyways, this signature will work quite well both in a vertical design or horizontal.  Now the big question is what do I come up with?

And to give myself a little more motivation, I'm stating it right here, right now.  I intend on having this card designed, printed, cut and assembled by the end of February.  No excuses.

Let's get this thing done!


  1. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  2. I am looking forward to seeing the card. I remember the basketball card you did for Casey (Drop the Gloves) and that was an outstanding piece of work.