Friday, June 20, 2014

LINDEN CARD(s) OF THE WEEK - Gimmie and 'L'...

It's been a little while since I have posted anything....and was done on purpose.

I decided last month that after The Card Show at the end of May I would take a little summer hiatus.

But I wanted to wait for the announcement until I could share this unlikely little collection.

A while back I picked up a letter from the In The Game Used product.  I believe it was a 'D'.  At the time I thought it would represent a letter from the product.  I had a letter from the Decades 90s product too.

Never did I think what would happen.....would happen.

But over the weeks, it was a letter here and a letter there popping up on ebay.

I talked to another Linden collector asking if he was chasing any of them. He said no.  That got me even a little more motivated.

One turned to two, turned to three, and all of the sudden I thought that this little pipe dream was becoming a bit more of a reality.

But still....the likelihood...nah!

I saw one more card pop up on ebay with a higher Buy It Now than I was willing to pay.  Finally.....the bubble had burst.

I even sent the seller a message asking if he was firm on the price.

He was.

Well, it was fun while it lasted.  I could now relax as the chase was over.

But then last month at The Card Show I was stunned to find the letter 'I' sitting in a showcase.

Seeing one of the letters locally at a show was completely unexpected.  Especially when it represented the fifth out of six letters.

I didn't mince words and cut right to the chase.  I made a very fair offer and the seller took it.

That meant just one more card.

So how much more for a card would you pay if it meant completing a set?

To me, there are still limits.  I wasn't going to pay the asking price of the final card online.  But a fellow Linden collector who knew where I was sitting with this project (once again) helped me out.

He was placing an order with the store that had the card and made a deal for less than what the card was listed for.

The final piece arrived in the mail today and the unthinkable is complete.

I never would have imagined that these six letters would all be sitting side by side in my possession.

And with that, I'm now back on my break.

I decided that I'm taking the summer off.  Completely.  As of right now.

No Lindens.

No ebay.

No hobby boards.

No blogging.

That doesn't mean that I'm going away or have become tired with the hobby.  I still very much love collecting cards.  I just need to focus my time during the summer on other things.

Work is extremely busy and I'd like to try and get a round or two of golf in (if it ever stops raining).  Plus, I have a massive list of books I want to read (not that I'm going to finish many over the summer months).

I think the time away will be good.  Recharge the battery so to speak.  And my wallet will like me a little more too.

So thanks for reading and I hope you'll check out some new content in a couple months.

Happy Summer!!!