Tuesday, March 5, 2019

HHOF AUTOS - Two New And An Upgrade

When I started my hard-signed HHOF auto project a few years back, I knew that the element of 'trading only' would make this a fun challenge.  These days it's so easy to just click a few buttons and purchase your way to a collection or head to the store, bust a few boxes and walk away with a handful of cards.  But the art of the trade is something that is sorely lacking in this hobby.  It's hard these days though...most transactions happen online and there are few outlets available to make successful one-on-one transactions.

But I'm very fortunate to have a couple of shops in my city that run trade nights.  And while I tend to bring the same ol' stuff, there's always a chance that I will walk away with something new - without having to drop a ton of coin.  And I did just that last month.

Rod Gilbert
(Inducted in 1982)

A perfect addition to my collection.  Great card set, solid signature, and a guy that doesn't really command top dollar.  This was an easy one to trade for.

Obtaining this card has made me want to take a look at the variety of my cards.  I like that I have a good mixture of product types and that there are no real stretches of redundancy.

Let's keep that up.

Found some interesting info when I was researching Rod.  I had no idea that he broke his back just as he was being called up from junior to play with the Rangers.  Tripped over some debris thrown onto the ice and fell into the boards.  Doctors took a bone from his leg to bind three vertebras in his back.  And this was back in the 60's.  That's nuts.

As well, I noticed he was putting up a point-a-game stats right up until his abrupt retirement.  Seems he had a bit of a dispute with then GM John Ferguson.  Pretty much killed his career.

Sergei Fedorov
(Inducted in 2015)

Boy either my camera sucks or my computer monitor needs a reset.  This card looks blue - and it's not.  But let's look beyond my lack of proper editing on the pic.  Another offering that is unique to the collection.  Cool autograph.  Maybe could've been a bit better photo....but I'm not picky.  I managed to get rid of stuff I don't want for something I do.

Gotta say that's a win in my book.

It's so weird seeing guys inducted into the HOF that I followed from day one.  Makes me feel old.

The one thing this card makes me aware of (and you'll see it in my next offering) is that I'd like to consider getting the players in a jersey that best represents them.

Like this one.  When I hear the name Pat LaFontaine, I think New York Islanders.  I think epic long overtime.  To me he is linked to the Long Island jersey forever.  This card replaces the one I had in my collection for some time.

It's a nice card and all, good signature, great card design, but he's not Buffalo to me.

Just like Fedorov isn't a Duck.  I know I'll be upgrading that one down the road.  I can sense it now.

But for now, it's one step closer to the goal.

Current Collection - 80 HOF Autos

Monday, March 4, 2019


Well February was the longest short month ever.  Work pushed me to a near breaking point and at times I wasn't sure I'd survive.  But my project is over and done with and I'm currently enjoying a couple days or relaxation to recover.  Then....it's back at it.

So in the meantime, I thought I'd do a little catching up on things.  Posting on my blog, reading a book or two and finishing some side projects that have been on the plate for far too long.

My recent search for Linden cards produced an interesting result and so I figured I'd share.

I saw a triple jersey card up on eBay a couple weeks back, it had been there a couple times before, and I finally did a double take on it.

2003/04 Upper Deck MVP
#LL4 Lethal Lineups Triple Jersey  /50

This card is one of Trev's earlier relic cards and at the time was highly sought after by myself (and I'm sure all the other Linden collectors...not to mention the Naslund and Bertuzzi chasers).  Fifteen years later it still catches my eye.  I don't know what it is....maybe the player selection?  It certainly isn't a card that has that 'blow me away' type of design, but I like it.

Here's where the detective case begins.

This is my copy of the card.  I've had it for years.  Bought it who knows when (or where), put it in its toploader and stored it away.  But I must have some sort of photographic memory when it comes to this card because when I saw the numbered version pop up, I knew something was a miss.

Note: The scan of the first card and the photo of the second makes it appear that they are two different looking cards (parallels if you will).  They are not.  My camera was just being finicky.

I had always assumed that the cards from that release were unnumbered.  So I just went on my merry way and ignored anything that came after.  Well seeing this numbered offering pop up again finally had me asking questions.

It seems as though I've got a rare bird here.  Looks like all of the Lethal Lineups cards are indeed numbered.  So how did I land this one?  For once....I have no story.  I wish I did though.

Needless to say, I quickly contacted the owner of the numbered version (he too, a Linden collector) and made an easy purchase.  The card is on its way to me now.

Glad to cross this one off the list - which was already crossed off but shouldn't have been...adding another line to the master list but then crossing it off.  I think I killed two birds with one stone - somehow.  A lethal shot you could say.