Sunday, March 14, 2021


If you have followed my blog for the past number of years, you will have seen the 'sticky' post on the right hand side sharing the news of a stolen Trevor Linden collection.  It has been over three years since a home break-in in British Columbia resulted in a considerable Trevor Linden collection being stolen along with some other sports memorabilia and some jewelry.

Ever since the day I learned of this brutally unfortunate situation, I have cross-referenced every rare Linden card that has surfaced on ebay, COMC and other sportscard selling sites with the list of stolen cards (with serial numbers). A collection like this isn't stolen with the intention of sitting in a person's private's for resale.

Over the years, there have been instances where a couple cards would surface, but unfortunately nothing ever came of it. And then Jan. 24 of this year came about. It started a chain reaction that has led to (frankly) an incredible end to this chapter of the story.

You'll want to check this out...

January 24th, 2021 saw not one or two rare Linden cards pop up on ebay...but FIVE.  All of them happened to be on the stolen card list I have had posted for the past 3+ years.  We're talking 1/1 Nameplates, Mega Patches, Printing Plates, etc.  These are big ticket cards for a Linden collector. This was a huge development. The seller was made aware of the cards being stolen and the Terrace RCMP were notified. Soon after, the cards were pulled from ebay and are currently in the possession of the Terrace RCMP.  They plan on returning the cards to the rightful Linden owner once the final paperwork is complete.

That in itself would be a pretty solid end...but there is more - much more.

Not two weeks after the cards popped up on ebay, I was made aware of a seller on Sportlots auctioning off a number of Trevor Linden cards...again, matching the cards on the stolen card list from 2017. Once again, the RCMP were contacted, as were Sportlots (who were apparently great to deal with) and even the seller of the Linden cards.

Here's where it gets a little unbelievable.

Turns out, he had over 200 of the stolen cards taken from the theft....AND WAS WILLING TO RELINQUISH THEM TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNER. No questions asked.

I was shocked to hear this. The pricetag associated with these cards would be thousands of dollars. It sounds as if he purchased the cards in a huge lot with the intention of selling them individually to make a few bucks. To essentially take the loss on these cards, do the right thing and return them to their rightful owner...pretty awesome.

And I was as shocked as anyone when I saw the photos from the package arriving a couple weeks ago...

I would not have believed it if I didn't see it with my own eyes.

There are ITG encapsulated cards, show cards, rare parallels and a whole schwack of 2002 Atomic Blue cards that are low serial numbered.

This is a massive portion of the stolen cards finally finding their rightful home again and I couldn't be happier.

Now that said, there are still a number of cards that are out there.  The stolen card checklist still exists...but it is a little smaller.

And with all of these cards popping up now, it just reinforces to me that the best time to be diligent is now. Keeping an eye out for things that look too good to be true is something I'll be doing even moreso. And I'm asking you all to keep an eye out too please.

If you see any of the following cards listed below, please reach out to me.  This is not a complete list of the stolen cards that are still unaccounted for, but these are many of the rarer ones.

Anything is possible.  I believe these cards will surface eventually.

2014-15 Artifacts Gold Spectrum #31 (22/25)
2014/15 Artifacts Jerseys Autograph #31 (7/12)
2014/15 Artifacts Jersey Patch Auto Gold Spectrum #31 (2/3)
2014/15 Artifacts Patch Patch Gold Spectrum #31 (6/15)
2014/15 Artifacts Treasured Swatches Stick Tapes Red #TSTL (7/12)
2014/15 Black Diamond Auto Emerald #129 (he has 7 of the 10 copies)
2014/15 UD 25th Anniversary Buyback Auto #480 (7/25)
2014/15 UD Premier Mega Patch Chest Logo #PMPTL (21/27)
2014/15 UD Trilogy Signature Pucks Retro #SPTL (4/15)
2013/14 ITG Decades 1990s Nameplates #NP78 (Letter 'N')
2013/14 ITG Stickwork Stick Rack Quad Gold Vault Linden/Bure/Sedin/Sedin #SRQ15 (1/1)
2013/14 Panini National Treasures Dual Auto Gold Linden/Naslund #42 (22/25)
2013/14 Panini Playbook AUTObiography Press Plates Black - Trevor Linden #AUTL (1/1)
2013/14 Panini Playbook AUTObiography Press Plates Magenta - Trevor Linden #AUTL (1/1)
2013/14 Panini Namesakes Auto "1" #NUTL (15/25)
2013/14 Select Industry Summit #178 (1/5)
2013/14 Select Black #178 (1/1)
2013/14 Select Negative #178 (1/1)
2013/14 The Cup Emblems of Endorsement #EETL (9/15)
2013/14 UD Trilogy Signature Puck Retro Logo #SPTL (7/13)
2012/13 Artifacts Gold Spectrum #93 (1/25)
2012/13 Artifacts Jersey Patch Auto Emerald #93 (6/8)
2012/13 Artifacts Patch Gold Spectrum #93 (15/15)
2012/13 Certified Junior Class Signatures Linden/Ennis #15 (24/25 and 5/25)
2012/13 Fleer Retro EX 2001 Essential Credentials Now #24 (8/24)
2012/13 ITG Superlative Jumbo Patches Silver #JP11 (1/4)
2012/13 ITG Superlative Patches Silver Ultimate Vault Ruby #SP30 (1/1)
2012/13 ITG Superlative Plus Emblem Auto Gold #SAPTL (1/1)
2012/13 ITG Ultimate Memorabilia 12th Edition The First Six Triple Jerseys Superbox Toronto Fan Expo - Linden/Theodore/Koivu (1/1)
2012/13 Limited Captains Printing Plate Black #187 (1/1)
2012/13 SP Authentic Limited Patches/Auto #103 (2/10)
2012/13 The Cup Gold #85 (19/25)
2011/12 Crown Royale Printing Plate Black #106 (1/1)
2011/12 Crown Royale Printing Plate Magenta #106 (1/1)
2011/12 Crown Royale Ice Kings Printing Plate Cyan #7 (1/1)
2011/12 UM11 Hot Patches Ultimate Vault UM-11 #26 (1/1)
2011/12 Limited Back To The Future Signatures Linden/Kesler #7 (18/25)
2011/12 SP Authentic Limited Patches/Auto #49 (20/25)
2011/12 The Cup Gold #86 (17/25)
2011/12 The Cup Silver Jersey #86 (10/25)
2011/12 The Cup Gold Rainbow Jersey #86 (9/10)
2011/12 The Cup Foundations Jerseys Auto #CFTL (6/15)
2011/12 The Cup Foundations Patches #CFTL (5/10)
2010/11 Dominion Pen Pals Triple Linden/Brodeur/Williams #3 (25/25)
2010/11 ITG Decades 1980's Game Used Jersey Black Chicago National #M62 (1/1)
2010/11 Limited Gold Spotlight #127 (7/10)
2010/11 Limited Monikers Gold #127 (2/10)
2010/11 Score Recollection Collection Auto Red (CDN) #32 (6/15)
2010/11 Score Recollection Collection Auto Blue (USA) #32 (10/15)
2010/11 Zenith White Hot #138 (9/25)
2010/11 Zenith Printing Plates #138 (Black, Magenta, Cyan, Yellow) (each 1/1)
2008/09 SP Game Used Triple Authentic Fabrics Platinum #3AFTL (8/10)
2008/09 UD Black Jersey Duals Linden/Naslund Gold #BDJ2NL (5/25)
2007/08 Artifacts Tundra Tandems Red Linden/Morrison #TTML (23/25)
2007/08 Artifacts Tundra Tandems Patches Ice Blue Linden/Morrison #TTML (5/25)
2007/08 Artifacts Tundra Tandems Patches Red Linden/Morrison #TTML (7/10)
2007/08 Artifacts Tundra Triple Red Linden/Morrison/Kesler #T3LMK (2/10)
2005/06 Be A Player Signatures Gold #TL (9/10)
2005/06 Black Diamond Emerald #125 (14/25)
2005/06 Black Diamond Gold #125 (4/10)
2005/06 SPGU Authentic Fabrics Triple Iginla/Shanahan/Linden #ISL (23/25)
2005/06 SPGU Authentic Fabrics Triple Modano/Linden/Roenick #MLR (6/25)
2005/06 UD MVP Materials Triple Naslund/Linden/Jovanovski #TVAN (6/25)
2005/06 Upper Deck Notable Numbers Auto #NTL (12/16)
2004/05 Upper Deck High Gloss Gold #172 (/5)
2003/04 Beehive Silver #191 (12/67)
2003/04 UD MVP Canadian Exclusives #413 (20/25)
2002/03 BAP Ultimate Memorabilia 3rd Ed. Numerology Dionne/Linden #18 (36/40)
2002/03 Upper Deck CHL Jersey Gold #CGTL (18/25)
2001/02 BAP Memorabilia Emerald #495 (4/10)
2001/02 Topps Special Olympics Nevada #193 (1/1)
2001/02 Upper Deck Mask Collection Dual Patches #DPTL (31/50)
2000/01 BAP Memorabilia Emerald #285 (2/10)
2000/01 BAP Signature Series Emerald #213 (1/10)
1999/00 BAP Millenium Emerald #129 (9/10)
1999/00 Pacific Centre Ice Proof #13 (/10)
1998/99 Aurora Championship Fever Copper #28 (20/20)
1997/98 Pinnacle Certified Platinum Mirror Gold #104 (14/30)