Monday, May 30, 2011

OUTSIDE THE BOX - Marvel Beginnings Ultimate Panel Focus

Innovative? Challenging the status quo? Or sacrilege? It seems there are two very distinct feelings towards Upper Deck's latest concept.

Recently, Upper Deck released its Marvel Beginnings product. In it, a very interesting and much talked about insert set. It's called "Ultimate Panel Focus".

In a nutshell, it's like a cut autograph, except the cut comes from a panel of a vintage comic book from the golden era.

Now, the comics used to cut the panels out are in very poor condition, but nonetheless - they are the real deal.

For example, The Amazing Spiderman issues #2, 4, 6, 9, The Avengers issue #57 and Daredevil issue #181.

These cards are numbered (based on the comic issue) to less than 70 copies. And the variation for each issue obviously is based on how much they can squeeze out of the print.

There is a blog post by Upper Deck with more details on the product (and they have a ton more scans).

I also found this neat video on how the process of cutting up the comics is done. NOTE: I want me one of those nifty die-cutters!

So, what do you think of this? Is it really any different than seeing a jersey being cut up and glued on a card? And not just any jersey.....but the most important jerseys of all time. What if it was the Paul Henderson 72 Summit Series jersey? Where does the line get drawn? (see that....I did that just now)

I for one think the idea is pretty cool. To own a piece of a historic publishing, to even be able to pull one from a pack is pretty neat. I like the idea as well because it's something that hasn't been done before. New, fresh twists on things add excitement to the hobby for me.

I like the simple design layout of the card, but wish they stepped away from the beige border. Something with a little more contrast would make the panel pop a little more. As well, a little variation (maybe by comic or superhero) would better distinguish what one gets.

I'm curious to see how far they take this idea. How rare a comic would they consider chopping up? Only time will tell.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


The 1994 Stanley Cup Finals series between the Vancouver Canucks and the New York Rangers go down, in my books, as the greatest final series I have ever seen.

There were tremendous ups and downs and Game 7 was one I will never forget (and believe me....I've tried).

It was Vancouver's best attempt at winning the Cup.....until now.

This season, the Canucks were probably the most consistent team throughout the season. The President Trophy winners managed to slay the Blackhawks dragon in the first round and the Sedins have hit their stride this past series.

And I truly believe they haven't played their best hockey yet.

The Boston Bruins, well they too have some interesting storylines heading into the Finals.

A team rich in history, they have not had a shot at the cup in over 20 years. Goalie Tim Thomas alone has taken one of the most amazing paths to finally land in the Stanley Cup Finals. Nathan Horton has flourished as he gets his first taste of playoff hockey. And Patrice Bergeron gets an opportunity to realize a dream.....after coming close to having his career taken away from him.

One thing is for city is going to go absolutely hog wild in the next couple weeks.

This series is one that I am very much looking forward too. Not just because of what I think will be some exciting hockey, but also the friendly wager I have set up.

If you are a regular reader, you know that I am a big fan of the autograph hounding adventures and hobby-rich quests of Ron and his son Colin over at Hound Central 5.0. It's no secret that Colin's team this playoff season is the Boston Bruins. And having made a custom Patrice Bergeron card for him in the past, and receiving a fantastic team sheet from him a few months ago, I knew there was a great opportunity to have a little fun with this final series.

I decided to propose a friendly wager with Colin. If his beloved Bruins win the Cup, I will create a custom Patrice Bergeron Stanley Cup Champions card for him to get signed. If my Canucks hoist the hardware, then Colin will make a custom Vancouver Canucks Stanley Cup Champions team sheet to get signed.

Not only has Colin accepted, he stated that he's looking forward to his new card.

I'm sure he meant to say that he's looking forward to designing a fabulous Canucks team sheet. :)

I can't wait for these finals to begin!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

BEHIND THE MASKS - Dwayne Roloson

Well, the teams are set for this year's Stanley Cup Finals. I for one am looking forward to a great series. Lots of great storylines and at the end of the city is going to go bonkers.

I watched Game 7 between the Lightning and the Bruins tonight. Once again, Dwayne Roloson was in net for the Bolts.

Dwayne Roloson....I remember him from way back when he came into the league with the Flames. That was 1996 and I'll admit, I wasn't a big fan of his.

I never saw him as a bona fide #1 goalie. Especially when he tag teamed with Manny Fernandez in Minnesota. I was convinced that he couldn't carry the workload.

I still wasn't convinced when he played with the Oilers or the Islanders. And when he went over to Tampa Bay, I thought that the team took a step back in net.

Boy was I wrong.

Roloson turned back the clock. He was inspiring to his teammates, had the confidence and swagger of a starter and took the team that was on the verge of falling out of the playoffs and helped them get one game away from the Stanley Cup Finals.

He's got a little more respect from me, and I hope he comes back next year to prove that it wasn't a fluke.

Now onto a great mailday.

Last year, I received a great team issue Mike Smith Goalie mask sheet from Ron (Puckhound) over at Hound Central 5.0.

At the time, he mentioned that he would be on the lookout for anything they did for Dan Ellis. Well, Dan Ellis turned into Dwayne Roloson and sure enough - they did.

Ron was quick to e-mail me letting me know that he had an extra. It arrived in the mail today.

Roloson doesn't have enough Tampa Bay mask designs to warrant a whole sheet of masks, but that doesn't depreciate from the coolness (as well as the kind gesture).

One thing that really caught my eye was the fast facts at the bottom of the cards.

Did you know that Dwayne became the first goalie in Lightning history to record a shutout in his very first game with the club?

Did you also know that he became the oldest goaltender to start more than 60 games in a single season (he had 63 total starts in 2008/09)?

And lastly, did you know that Dwayne used to walk to school.....20 miles.....uphill both ways? For real!

Now, I haven't separated the cards on the Mike Smith sheet......yet, but because some of the perforations were already coming apart on the Roloson sheet - I decided to tear away.

So let's take a closer look at the mask card.

Yes....very nice. This “Thor, God of Thunder” helmet was designed by Roloson’s artist of choice, Jesse Acciacca of Jesse’s Custom Design. In his own words...

"The new paint job is inspired by Thor the god of Thunder and Lightning. I tried to get away from most of the paint styles used on other goalies that have played for Tampa. All Blue with lightning and some characters. It is a Full Thor Helmet with his Hammer striking down on backplate. Roli’s name on chin as we have always done."

I really like the silver and black tones. The lack of color really makes the design texture pop.

Thanks again Ron for the great addition to my collection. I really appreciate it. And best of luck Colin to Patrice and the Bruins (I know you're rooting for them), I hope it's a series that will be talked about for many years to come.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Ruthlessness or compassion? Time of day or talk to the hand? Yours.......or mine?

What side of the fence are you on?

As a kid, buying packs of cards and then trading off the doubles for the singles I needed to complete my set was the epitome of teamwork. My friends and I would always be looking out for one another when it came to building our sets.

Sure, there was a bit of competitiveness when it came to who could finish their 396 first, but in the end we all worked together.

That's what card collecting should be about......right?

Enter the 90's. I was a little older, knew the value of a dollar a little more and card collecting became more of an industry than a hobby for a lot of people. There was a little more......heck - a lot more competitiveness going on when trying to acquire singles. Ebay didn't help with that either.

I'll admit, when I started my Linden collection, I was more about tracking down stuff for myself. I wasn't too worried about what others were doing and if they were looking to purchase a card I wanted, I had a little more 'me, me, me' in me to go and get it.

It wasn't until a few years ago that I realized it might be easier (and more fun) to work together with fellow collectors rather than against them. Actually e-mailing them - communicating with them - made the whole experience of getting cards I needed a lot easier and less punishing on the wallet. Most importantly, I got to know some of the other die hard collectors out there who share the same passion for hobby that I do.

I like being able to help someone out with their collection. And I'll admit - I love it when someone else can help me with mine. Especially with those nasty rare Linden parallels from 10 years ago. :)

I still see a number of instances where collectors have tunnel vision when it comes to their projects. Sure, it's ok to focus on your wants, but to do it at the expense of other hobbyists or the camaraderie of a collecting community just doesn't sit well with me.

There are days where I go to a card show or a hobby shop and I feel like I'm back in junior high - clique city. Other days, it's a great experience where I can share my collection with others and they can do the same. Listening and learning without question has made me a happier hobbyist. Sap city eh?

Door #1 or Door #2? I'll take Door #2 every day of the week.

What are your thoughts on how other hobbyists fit into your world of card collecting? Do you enjoy dealing with other collectors? What if they collect the same thing you do?

Monday, May 23, 2011

BEHIND THE MASKS - Masked Men Progress

I thought I'd take some time to update the goalie mask collection. It's been a busy last few weeks with the release of ITG's Between The Pipes. Another 50 mask cards to collect with what I consider to be the nicest Masked Men product to date.

Panini has also jumped into the mix with their Pinnacle insert set Saving Face. This one is a big disappointment for me.

But first, a nice find at the card show last weekend. I haven't really pursued any of the mask cards on my wantlist recently. Rather, snag ones here and there when they literally fall in my lap.

This card did just so.

2008/09 In The Game
1972 The Year In Hockey
Masked Men #MM-04 Ed Giacomin

I love the retro mask and Giacomin's is a nice unique shaped lid.

While the photo on the card isn't spectacular, it does show that there's an attempt being made to showcase some of the older fibreglass masks.

This leaves me with just one more to get....Doug Favell.

Here's one of the four cards I have from the Pinnacle Saving Face insert set. They scan horrible, but look alright in person.

I was stoked to see Panini go with the retro mask for Quick as opposed to his regular helmet. Sadly, the photo is tough to really see any detail on.

The back isn't much better. In fact, it's this photo that really turns me off on the product.

Here's a great opportunity to put a nice closeup photo of the mask full force on the back of the card. This blurry picture just reeks of lazy.

I'm also not a big fan of the fact that out of the 19 card checklist originally posted, only 13 cards were produced. Apparently, there were some issues getting clearance to use the mask pics.

Really? You didn't get your ducks in a row before you started producing a checklist Panini?

Rookie mistake in my books.

Alright...on to the main chunk of my goalie mask collecting recently. ITG's Between The Pipes Masked Men III.

This is a 50 card set that really looks sharp in person, scans well too and has a pretty nice checklist. I'm not the biggest fan of the future stars included in the mix (as done in past years) and so it was refreshing to see only current NHLers make the mix.

Nice crisp photos on all the cards I've seen so far. Good detail on the masks. Can't miss in my opinion.

You really get to see the team colors, personal details and overall design take focus on this checklist.

Rookies and vets sitting in the same bucket. Nice.

Here's my one beef. The Tim Thomas mask. ITG used last year's mask as opposed to this year's lid....which is my favorite of the current players. Small detail, but still a little bit of a bummer.

I'll have to wait until next year.

Miller looks a little weird in this photo. Thought I'd share this one with you guys. Is he concentrating, confused or does he have to go to the bathroom. Only the photographer and Miller know for sure.

Out of the 50 card set, I have landed 30 singles so far. I've picked up cards at the big show last weekend, traders night last month and through the two boxes I've broken so far.

Completing the set won't be a problem. It's more of a when and how much. I'm not in a rush and I'm definitely not looking to jump at the first ones I see.

Overall, the goalie mask collection has grown quite a bit.

On the horizon....Memorable Masks from the 80's - Decades style. It's a 10 card checklist. Looking forward to the pics...if they're all like the Fuhr, I'll be a happy camper.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

LINDEN CARD(S) OF THE WEEK - A Triple Play Mailday

Actually, it was a four card Linden mailday for me today. A fantastic bunch of additions to the growing collection.

Good story too (you knew I'd have one).

I recently saw an auction for a pretty rare Linden card on ebay. Old and low numbered.

1998/99 Upper Deck MVP
#131 Super Script /25

I didn't expect to see a card like this pop up on ebay...they never do. But what I was really intrigued by was the seller. I recognized his name from some great Linden battles years ago on ebay. Seeing him put this card up for grabs prompted me to immediately contact him.

I asked if he had other Linden cards that he was planning on putting up for bids. He said he was planning on it. I then asked if he would consider taking a look at my wantlist in hopes of landing a few more from him.

He had three. And nice ones too.

I ended up winning the auction on ebay and we struck a deal for the entire lot. Funny thing is....I don't need the super script. I didn't realize it until after the fact. If I'd have known I had it, I might not have been so aggressive in seeing if he had more.

So the package arrived today (just in time before what looks to be a postal strike in Canada this upcoming week). I was pretty excited to see the goods.

2001/02 BAP Memorabilia Update
#495 Emerald /10

These cards just don't show their faces. Well, almost never. I somehow fluked out and snagged a Brad Richards from this same set about a year ago for less than $5.

Sadly, this Linden cost a little more. But I'm still thrilled to add it to the collection.

Look at that serial number. Now that's a beautiful sight.

2003/04 Upper Deck MVP
#413 Canadian Red Script /25

Another one I never thought I'd find. Not as tough a parallel to track down (and can be fairly cheap too). That all changes when you're talking about an eight year old Linden card though.

Here's the back. Nothing special, but I thought I'd be consistent when presenting these cards today.

2005/06 Upper Deck Black Diamond
#125 Double Diamond Gold /10

Last, but certainly not least, this toughie (which scans terribly). I remember tracking down a copy years ago when this came out. The price tag was too high for me at the time (I was still new to the crazy card prices for Lindens). I let this one pass.

The guy put it up on ebay eventually (thinking he would get a real solid price)...he ended up losing money on the deal. I was kicking myself for not getting involved in the auction. It sold for less than the green copy I have /25.

I never saw another copy of the gold until today.

Again....a beautiful thing (if you can see it). Those low numbered parallels are a sight for sore eyes (unless you're talking about the large number of new low numbered product out these days (Panini Playoff Contenders....I'm looking at you).

So that's three to scratch off the wantlist and a real solid card to add to the traders pile. What a fantastic mailday (one of the all-time best).

Thursday, May 19, 2011

LINDEN CARD OF THE WEEK - 2010/11 UD French Buyback

It's been a little slow in the Trevor Linden card department lately. Although that should change with the newest Panini release 'Contenders' as it appears he has a number of different cards, parallels and yes....another 1/1.

In the meantime, this mailday from last week should serve nicely as a show & tell.

2010/11 Upper Deck French
#256 20th Anniversary Buyback

When these were first released, I saw a couple pop on ebay. I wasn't sure of the print run so I held off.

Over the past couple months though, none showed their faces. I was getting a little worried that the next one that showed its face would carry with it a harsh price tag.

Thankfully, that was not the case. This one came up for grabs and I snagged it for well under what I thought it would go for.

Nothing special about the card other than the silver foil stamp. But, it's one more Linden card to add to the collection. Every card counts.

I remember when this Upper Deck series was originally released in 1990. It was one of the products responsible for getting me back into the hobby and the one set that was the 'must have'.

I guess some things never change.

ONE SHEET, ONE SET - 2005/06 Upper Deck Rookie Update

The huge sports collectibles show that passed through town last weekend garnered some great cards for my various collections.

While there were some bigger ticket items, there was a chance to pick up some cheap base and insert cards for my 'One Sheet, One Set' project.

I snagged a couple singles to finish off this sheet and it caught my eye today when deciding which one to focus on.

2005/06 Upper Deck
Rookie Update

OK.....stay with me while I explain this release.

This 277 card set starts off with 100 base cards of current players. The next 95 cards feature the rookies and the final 82 cards highlight multi-player rookie cards (but they have both a rookie and a veteran player on it). Cards 101-275 are all serial numbered (some to 1999, some to 999, some to 499 and a couple of them to 199).

Got it? Good.

Now you can forget all of it as I am only going to be focusing on the base cards from 1-100. :)

This is an eye catching set from a 'first look' standpoint. The colors definitely pop out at you.

Obviously the colors go in conjunction with the team colors and I really like the way this is incorporated into the entire design. They look good in the 9-page sheet.

The front of the card has got some good attention to detail and is more complex than it looks.

We touched on the team colored background, but there is also a slight marbled effect blended into it. It emanates from the center of the card and thus I will refer to it as the 'exploding marble effect'. For the record, I like it.

There is a silver foil Upper Deck logo in the top left and some more silver foil along the bottom highlighting the set name. A little bit of foil texture right at the bottom edge frames the team logo which is over black.

The frame for the player is a simple, but unique shape and has a bit of an embossed border (always in silver). It's got a hint of metal texture to it and works with the foil to create a bit of dynamics.

On the right side is the player name and on the left is the position and player number. The font used for this is not bad (very simple and unobtrusive).

Now on to the photo. Some have decent action shots, but mostly it's the stock full body shot. The player is cutout from the background to allow for three things. The player can be placed on top of the frame (as shown by the head and the stick), the background can be hit with a hint of blur (creating even greater separation) and the background can be given a bit of color overlay (again in the team color).

All three of these elements work really well when combined and meshes the card front together quite nicely.

The back of the card utilizes a number of elements from the front, but is distinct enough to give it a unique feel.

Sadly, the same photo is used. There is no color on the background, but the exploding marble effect remains (it's tough to see on some cards). The card number sits almost awkwardly in the top left corner.

The stats board continues the embossed look, but introduces the team color in the top and bottom border. A nice switch up.

The name font is consistent with the front, but the position utilizes lower case letters. And all of the sudden, the team name makes an appearance...weird.

The simple logo on black remains (nothing special, but not ugly either). And then the stats.

Only 5 years of stats are shown - max. A bit of a waste if you ask me. Look at all of that empty space at the top of the card.

The stats in general are a little lacking. Nothing about where the player was born or when they were drafted. It's tough to find a happy medium between being too simple and cluttered, but I think a little more would have helped.

Lastly, the ever popular row of logos along the bottom. Meh.

Overall, it's a nice looking set. The 100 card base set would make a nice addition to any set builders collection and singles could be had pretty cheap. The most expensive card in the deck is Mario Lemieux (which books at $4.00) and Steve Yzerman and Martin Brodeur (which books at $2.50 each). But I can't see anyone slapping those prices on these cards. Most could be had for a quarter or less.

The card front gets the bulk of the points, while the card back kills a higher rating from me.

3.5 out of 5

RATE MY MASK - Pekke Rinne

The 'retro' themed mask has been done many times over. Steve Shields and Hannu Toivonen immediately come to mind for me.

Pekka Rinne's latest mask takes the retro look and amps it up another level.

A pretty simple concept if you ask me....the old style mask with a monster - a 'predator' - wearing it.

Dave Gunnarsson, the master mask designer at DaveArt, said that when he pitched the idea to Pekka - he loved it. He created the idea with much detail work and 3-D effects, making the mask look like it has been worn in many games and has received its share of beating, with cracks and plasters. A smoking hot design that frightens the opponents.

What I really like about the mask are the eyes. Man do they really pop out. And the placement of them create a really cool effect.


When taking a closer look at the detail of the mask, you can see the time and effort put into the intricacies of the design. Gunnarsson is a master of that.

Take a listen to Pekka talking about his masks (both his current lid and when he got his first painted mask). Like a kid in a candy store.

Overall, a really cool mask - great concept, great design.

4 out of 5.


Alright, it's your turn to Rate My Mask!

Monday, May 16, 2011

SHOW PICKUPS - Small Sampling

The recently past Bossa Card Show might go down as one of the most productive when it comes to some of my various collections. Over the next couple weeks, I hope to share in more detail some of my pickups.

You've already seen the four cards snagged for my 1 vs. 100 project, so I won't dwell on them anymore. Instead, I'll give you a quick preview of the rest of the haul.

First off, the swag. Gotta love free stuff. And the Panini bags handed out on the Sunday were a nice extra. My bag had a couple nice goodies in it.

Larry Robinson 8x10 autograph

They must have had some extra signed pics from the day before. This was a nice treat (although the photo is little to be desired). Great signature!

In the swag bag was 5 packs of Panini Adrenalyne XL. I've never seen this product before, but apparently it's built like a game (Pokemon, Bakugan, etc.). The Brodeur looks to be a tougher parallel to get. A nice bonus.

Some high end base cards were a bit of a surprise to pick up. Anytime I can get Cup base for a buck a piece - I'm in. I also snagged some Enshrined base and some sharp looking Topps from the late 80's. Will make for some fun 'One Sheet, One Set' show & tells.

One seller had blaster boxes of 05/06 MVP on for half price - you NEVER see this stuff on sale. I had the delusional thought of pulling the much needed Linden Prosign (only 1:480 packs for the Prosigns).

Didn't get one, but found a Crosby RC in the mix. A nice consolation.

I actually found a couple Linden cards at the show. None that I actually needed, but this beauty is a definite upgrade to my current copy. It's by far the best copy of this card I have seen.

BTP Masked Men III was on the top of the radar this weekend. I wanted to put a dent in the wantlist. By the end of the weekend - I did. And for a decent price too. These are some nice looking cards (and they scan nicely too).

These do not scan well. Panini's attempt at a mask set. This one looks to be a colossal flop. Out of the 19 cards in the checklist, it appears 6 were not produced - LAME. I will give points for using a photo of Tim Thomas in his new mask (ahem ITG!) as well as using Jonathan Quick's Retro mask (the Vachon tribute).

I also had the opportunity to find a couple cards for other collectors. This Bourque has already been spoken for and is on its way out of the city. Glad to see a rare parallel find its proper home.

This one was a 'must have'. I love the design of this set - completely set up for autographs. The hard signed sig of Wensink just adds to the coolness of the card.

Not sure if I'll try to build the set. Right now, I'm just trying to get a 9-page sheet filled (sans autos). Maybe this card will be used as a trader instead. :)

Overall, a great time was had at the card show. Thus ending a season of shows. If you have a chance to go to a show in your area - do so! Supporting local card shows ensures that they will continue in the future. While they are dwindling in quantity over a season, they can still attain quality.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I cringe the day that card shows become extinct. As much as I love ebay and online trading, local card shows offer so much more than one would think.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

1 vs. 100 - Bossa Show Pickups

This weekend was the Bossa Spring Sports Collectibles Show here in Calgary and I have had these past two days marked on my calendar for months.

It's a great chance to pickup some new pieces for my various collections. With dealers coming in from out of town, there's some fresh cardboard out on the tables and a number of locals bring out just a little more than normal.

To top it off, in-person signings from hockey greats. This year it was Larry Robinson on the Saturday and Jean Beliveau today. Was it ever cool to see those two guys. With all the health problems Beliveau has had over the past few years, I gotta say - he looks great. And is without a doubt one of the nicest guys I've ever met.

They say he's the classiest.....that's an understatement.

Now on to some pickups.

One of the projects that has been slowly progressing has been my 1 vs. 100 set. This show may have produced one of the single biggest hauls towards completion. Some great additions if I do say so myself.

2009/10 The Cup
Honorable Numbers
#HN-MG Mike Green /52

I paid a little more than I wanted to for this card, but ever since seeing these cards - I've wanted one for my project. The patches are really nice and I like Green's autograph. Hard signed - you can't beat that.

2005/06 SP Game Used
Significant Numbers
#SN-HO Marian Hossa /18

Another card that I hummed and hawed at. It was priced quite high for what I was looking to pay, and we almost made a trade, but it was early Sunday when my look of disinterest turned into a sudden drop in price. I jumped at it and was glad I did.

2005/06 The Cup
Rookie Gold
#182 Jay McClement /9

This was a late purchase on the Saturday. The guy had TWO of these cards. Having never purchased a Gold Rookie from this year, I wasn't sure what the going rate on them were. He had it priced at $125. I knew I wasn't going to pay that price, but after talking to him for a bit realized that this guy was bang on when it comes to bartering. He basically said that he wanted a fair price. I can respect that.

I told him that I had no clue what a card like this might barter down to so rather than make an offer that might come off as insulting, I'd pass. He then said that this card would normally go cheap. He fired off a number that was within a few bucks of what I had in mind.

And with that, I was the new owner of a nice rare card for the project. I'm really excited to have landed this one.

2010/11 SP Game Used
Career Legacy
#CL4P-CD Chris Drury /4

Last, but not least is this gorgeous piece. This card fits perfectly into what I'm looking for with this project. Drury is not a big name, the card is unique to anything else I own and the price was right.

This card was just recently pulled bu the dealer and he was not looking for a ton of dough. He asked what a fair price would be and we quickly came to a deal. Again, really happy to add this one.

So that's 4 more cards to the collection. And a pair of them numbered to under 10. Just a small portion of the pickups I made at this fantastic show.

Only 12 more months to go before the next one.

78 out of 100 (78%)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

WHO AM I? - A Trio Of Chokers

Time to reveal the names behind these sloppy signatures. Out of the four guesses I received, only one person got all three players right.

Congrats to Jess for guessing the names, and yes they all have a last name starting with 'B', but the main connection is that they all had pitiful playoff performances.

NOTE: Thanks for your guess Dave. Next time I'll forward you the answers. It'll give you a better shot at getting them right. :)

Ilya Bryzgalov

"Don't send me to Winnipeg"! Don't worry, they wouldn't want you anyways now.

And I actually had Phoenix knocking off the Wings in the first round.

Nicklas Backstrom

Hoo boy. This guy disappeared in the post season. As much as you can place some blame on Ovechkin, it was the sudden dissapearance of Backstrom (and Semin) that led to the Caps demise.

Brian Boucher

In one of the most 'ugly-to-watch' train wrecks in post season goaltending history, Boucher was the guy who crapped the bed the most.

If his 'performance' doesn't get him kicked off that team for next season, then nothing will.

Give Bobrovsky the ball and let him run with it. There may be growing pains, but it would pale in comparison the comedy show the Flyers put on in the playoffs.

Who else would be in the running for 'Choker of the Year' when it comes to the 2011 playoffs?