Saturday, June 25, 2022

LINDEN CARD OF THE WEEK - A Meaningful Addition To The List

Happy Summer everyone.

It's been a while as I've been working hard - on a number of fronts, but I've been steadily keeping tabs on what is out there in my collecting world and...on occasion, picking up a piece for the PC.

I thought I'd share this specific card as it has some unique meaning to me.

1992/93 Bowman
#210 All-Star

This is not the card...but I need to set things up first.

We are going way back to probably the first year or so of my Linden collecting chase. I had started my quest through a spur-of-the-moment base card dig and quickly had 50-75 cards in my PC. I had done some homework and realized that there were a few hundred Lindens out there. So, I did what any ambitious hobbyist would do - I made a list.

My Trevor Linden Master List was born. At first, it was nothing more than pulling the player checklist out of the Beckett Annual (and using the Charlton guide to assist), creating a word document and printing it out.

I won't lie, it was pretty fun to build on the list - and then highlight the cards once I picked them up for my collection. There's something about having that makes my player collection feel more in check. 

Over the years, I have modified the list, created new columns as I've layered in new details, transferred it over to excel (and now the silly 'numbers' app that Mac uses) and looking at it even today, feel proud of what I've built.

I've pulled from a number of resources over the years to build as complete a list as possible. The aforementioned Beckett and Charlton guides, other Linden collector checklists (thank you Kevin for really helping me expand the list), Sport Card Forum, tradingcarddb, Beckett online, even going to card company websites (like ITG and Leaf). I would also use the hobby news and discussions to help forge the tougher pieces of information (like promo cards, serial numbering and if cards were ever released).

Lastly, I'd use my own two eyes and some common sense. If I see it, it exists...and then I decide if it goes on my list.

That takes me to my recent pickup.

When I first started my Linden PC, it was simple pickups. Base cards, inserts, parallels. Nothing out of the ordinary. But I vividly remember the time I checked ebay and saw an error card that had me intrigued. The piece of cardboard wasn't on my master naturally, I was trying to figure out what I was seeing.

Before I could even start my quest for information, the card was gone.

For a few years, I had this error card on my wantlist. I was sure I'd see another copy pop up. And then after a couple years I decided to pull it off the list - not enough information ( just looked weird seeing an oddball card like that not highlighted on my list).

Fast forward to a couple months ago...

The card popped up. First time in all these years I've seen it.

And I jumped on it.

1992/93 Bowman
#210 All-Star ERROR no foil

I honestly couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it. All the memories of this card and how it was on my wantlist for so long just came flooding back. I knew I had to have this card.

I still know nothing of this card...ifit was a genuine printing error, if it was a test print, or if someone just has a spiffy printer and made it at home (I don't believe does not look homemade).

Regardless, I had a smile on my face as I inserted a new row on the master checklist and added this one in - especially when I highlighted it as one I have in my PC.

As I put the card in its appropriate card box, I couldn't help but sift through some of the other early Linden offerings, flipping through some of the cards that were the first ones I bought for my Linden collection all those years ago.

It really reinforced to me how much I enjoy the collecting journey, seeing the list evolve and grow, chasing the elusive cards that I need and crossing them off when I finally get my hands on them.

It might not happen as much as it did a decade ago, but the thrill is 1000% there. I think it will always be.