Monday, October 12, 2009


Well, the first full week of the NHL season has come and gone and there have been a lot of firsts and a lot of surprises. Some great moments and some not-so-great moments.

Here are the cards I have created to represent the past week. Enjoy.

Year In Cards - Oct 10 b

Year In Cards - Oct 10 a

Year In Cards - Oct 11 b

Year In Cards - Oct 11 a

Year In Cards - Oct 5 b

Year In Cards - Oct 5 a

Year In Cards - Oct 6 b

Year In Cards - Oct 6 a

Year In Cards - Oct 7 b

Year In Cards - Oct 7 a

Year In Cards - Oct 8 b

Year In Cards - Oct 8 a

Year In Cards - Oct 9 b

Year In Cards - Oct 9 a


  1. cool. that's a lot of work there! where do you find you're getting most of your photos from? are you doing your own write-ups or finding them in summaries?

  2. Thanks. It's not too bad (it takes about 20 minutes to put a card together). I am finding most of the photos at in their Frozen Moments section. They have a photo gallery for every game. I would go to the large setting, pick the photo, pause the slideshow and then do a 'print screen' since it won't let you right click to save. It's worked out really nicely so far. There have been a couple times when I go to the specific team's website as they tend to have a few more photos in their photo gallery from specific games.

    As for the write-ups, I tend to use the recap from as a guide. I will modify it so that I get it to fit nicely on the card. That at times has been a bit of a time eater.

    Ultimately, I am really enjoying the progress on this project and am really looking forward to seeing where I'm at in a couple months.

  3. Are you printing and making the cards as you go or waiting until the season ends?

  4. I am contemplating if I will print the cards out or not.

    I have done the first couple just to see what they look like and they are nice.

    That said, to do a set of about 220 cards would be a little pricey. Right now, they remain just an 'e-set' of cards.

    Still contemplating it though.

  5. Very nice work, Brett. You're on to something here. At the least, trademark or copyright the concept before the vultures at Upper Deck or any of its subsidiaries steal it from you. It's a winner.