Wednesday, March 24, 2010

TO THE BIKE SPOKES!!! - Glen Hanlon

Turn your head and cough please....thank you.

Mr. Hanlon, you've been diagnosed with BADCARDPHOTOITIS.

See for yourself....

Ouch. That hurts.

Why O-Pee-Chee decided to use this photo in their 1987/88 'mini card' set is beyond me.

Would this be considered an 'action shot'?

Why Glen Hanlon was even included in this set is a head scratcher. He never really was given the reigns as a starter throughout his 13 year career. He only played in 50 or more games in a season twice. He cracked the 20 win mark twice. He played on 4 different NHL teams (never lasting more than 5 years in any one place).

So what made him so special in the 87/88 season?

According to the card back, he finished fifth in goals against average (GGA) with a 3.18.

An interesting tidbit - a GAA of 3.18 would land you THIRD LAST place this season (behind Atlanta's Ondrej Pavelec and Calgary's latest acquisition Vesa Toskala).

Way to go Glen. That cup shifting really must have helped.

But, fifth place is not good enough here.


To the bike spokes!!


  1. holy crap that was awesome! totally forgot about that card...i have it stashed away somewhere. that set was pretty small as i remember. 50 cards or so? were the other top 4 GAA leaders included? just curious if they included him over someone more deserving at least stats-wise.

  2. No, the other "top" guys were not included. But Glen's stats were.

    GP-36 W-11 L-16 T-5 SO-1

    Solid stuff! Worthy of a hockey card.

    I did some research and found who were the better stoppers (min 20 GP):

    1. Brian Hayward 2.71
    2. Patrick Roy 2.93
    3. Ron Hextall 3.00
    4. Daniel Berthiaume 3.17
    5. Glen Hanlon 3.18
    5. Mario Gosselin 3.18

    Of interest - Hayward and Roy split the duties in Montreal. Solid tandem.

  3. jesus h. i can't believe berthiaume was #4! and there were no cards for the other top 4 goalies? there must have been hextall and roy cards, no?

  4. Hayward, Roy, Hextall and Berthiaume all had cards.

    No Gosselin though.

    Some scary numbers.

    Worst GAA that year (min 20 GP):

    Craig Billington - 4.82 GAA in 22 games.

    Go Devils!