Tuesday, June 22, 2010


For those of you who have been following it....it's crazytime.

For those of you who have not....venture on over to the auction of the century.


When bidding ended at 9:00pm Eastern, the highest bid was just under a half-million dollars. But because of the '10-minute rule', the auction has continued and is now over a million bucks.

That is insane!


  1. My only question is...well I guess I don't have a question. I am just in utter shock. It's like people think this jersey belongs to Stephen Strasburg or something.

  2. Boinnnnnnnnng that's my eyes popping out and going back into there sockets on that one. Way to find that one! And I thought all the hullabuloo over the Strasburg card was crazy!

  3. I'm curious to see what Strasburg's jersey from his first start in the majors would fetch right now.

    For those not in the know...two Strasburg cards recently topped $15,000 a piece.

    He's good....but is he that good?

    The Henderson jersey is a piece of genuine Canadian history.

  4. My mistake....3 cards.

    And one of them is on ebay right now topping $50,000.

    Crazy world.

  5. this actually makes me sick. its f'in cotton or polyester or some $%^*!! i'm not normally like this, but...feed the world people! do some good with that million bucks, instead of spending it on a 30 year old HOCKEY jersey! $%&^! the world sucks.

    rant over.

  6. Shows you that some people have way too much money.

    That said, the seller has noted that a portion of the final sale will be donated to a charity of Paul Henderson's choice.

    A silver lining on that cloud, eh?

  7. Let us all just hope that this jersey does not get cut into 1-inch squares and affixed to trading cards...